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Monday, March 20, 2023

Egypt.. A referee cancels a goal after using a encouraging phone to apply the mouse technique. 

A match in the Egyptian Second Division witnessed a funny incident, which was championed by the match referee.

In the details, the referee of the Suez national team match against its guest, Al-Nasr, in the second group of the Egyptian Football League, decided to cancel a goal for the guests after resorting to reviewing the goal via the mobile phone of one of the attendees of the meeting.

And due to the lack of application of the video assistant referee technology in the Egyptian second division, the referee of the match, Mohamed Farouk, resorted to the mobile phone of one of the people who attended the match to ensure the correctness of his decision to count the second goal of victory, which is the equalizing goal in the last minutes of the match, according to Reuters.

The Suez team objected to the goal on the pretext that there was a touch of a hand on the player who scored it, so that the match stopped and then the referee resorted to the mobile phone to review the game, which continued for some time, then the referee retracted his decision and canceled the goal in an incident that is the first of its kind.

The match was resumed after the atmosphere calmed down, and the referee counted 15 minutes as lost time, and the Suez national team managed to score its third goal, so the match ended 3-1 for the owners of the land, amid objections by Al-Nasr over the fact that the goal was canceled.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar, a member of the board of directors of Al-Nasr Club, confirmed that the Suez Stadium witnessed its first event in football in the world, and in violation of the regulations of the second division.

Al-Ahmar added to Reuters "The match was proceeding normally, and the Suez team was ahead with two goals to one, and Hossam Jalal succeeded in scoring the equalizing goal for Al-Nasr, making the score 2-2.

"The referee of the match, Mohamed Farouk, who is from Alexandria, blew his whistle to score the goal, and the coaching staff of the Suez national team objected to the referee’s decision to count the goal, and play stopped for 25 minutes, and clashes occurred.

"The referee left the stadium under the protection of the police, and for the first time in history, the referee verifies the correctness of the goal by looking at a mobile phone… to return to the stadium and announce the cancellation of the goal illegally and in complete violation of the regulations of the second division.".

Al-Ahmar explained that Al-Nasr decided to complete the match in order to avoid deducting points in the event of withdrawal or imposing penalties on the team, but he stressed that the club "He will file a complaint with the Football Association regarding this incident, which is the first of its kind, and the matter will be escalated to the International Federation in search of the right of Al-Nasr Club".

Al-Nasr officials confirmed that they are awaiting the decisions of the Competitions Committee in the second division league of the Football Association before taking any escalatory steps other than the official protest.

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