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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Electric car from Volkswagen ID. 2all for 20,000 – world and German premiere


Subcompact electric cars are rare for VW. An ID below ID.3 should appear only at the end of 2025. Today, another car is about to go into mass production. Its very promising name is ID. 2all – stimulates interest in the new product.

The company from Wolfsburg is the second – after ID. Life is a concept that should give a glimpse of the future electric subcompact car. The new electric baby is expected to appear in dealerships no earlier than the end of 2025. And at a price of less than 25,000 euros. At the same time, it should be noted that the indicated price will be valid in 2025, therefore inflation has already been taken into account. This can be seen both as a challenge for competitors and, at the same time, as a way to sow confusion and hesitation in your own ranks: why even buy ID.3 – the 204-strong version currently starts at €43,995.

Identifier of key figures. 2all presented in Hamburg look promising. Thus, the reader moves from the back to the front, which promises a better layout. With an exterior length of only 4.05 m (Polo size), the trunk volume would reach 1,330 litres. In addition, there are clever solutions such as a double floor and an integrated drawer for storing crates of drinks.

The 226 hp electric motor mentioned in the presentation will most likely be absent from the base model, but that is not the question. Battery sizes and charging characteristics are much more interesting. Volkswagen has yet to release details, but the WLTP is said to have a range of up to 450km, which is quite ambitious. Charging time from 10% to 80% battery should only be 20 minutes. ID.3 takes 35 minutes to charge from 5% to 80%.

Baby VW will be luxurious

Volkswagen promises a comprehensive set of driving assistants for the so-called “MEB Entry” platform, which guarantees a lot of comfort and safety. The Baby is also able to offer luxury features such as matrix LED headlights and massage seats. Infotainment features include a 13-inch touchscreen and head-up display. Without supplement here, of course, can not do.

VW ID. 2all again there will be a mechanical solution to control the volume of the music system – in the form of a rotating roller. And the air conditioning system will be controlled separately, so you won’t have to worry about selecting menus on the touchscreen.

Decidedly, the future small electric car from Volkswagen is by no means a meager solution at an ambitious price! How many electric vehicles suitable for everyday use can you buy for 25,000 euros? It will be interesting to see if the maximum charging power will be offered at this price and how efficient the small car will prove.

The engineers want to reduce the weight to less than 1.6 tonnes. It will still be 300 kg more than a comparable heat engine, but 200 kg less than the ID.3.

And while we’re talking about the specifics of Wolfsburg’s future electric subcompact, the company is already announcing the next price move: an electric car around 20,000 euros!

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