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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaFather of three, injured in NMD, flew to Omsk and went to his son's kindergarten

Father of three, injured in NMD, flew to Omsk and went to his son’s kindergarten

A fighter from Omsk returned home after six months of service in the Donbass. At the airport, the whole family was waiting for the man, only the youngest son was in kindergarten, not suspecting that he would soon kiss his father.

Vladimir, a father of three minor children, decided to go to the NWO zone immediately after his announcement on February 24. However, the woman asked to wait and the mobilization was soon announced. It was clear that a paratrooper with combat experience would certainly be called to the military registration and enlistment office, and the family began to buy into the army.

After a while, Vladimir was really called to the agenda, and the father of many children, keeping silent about his status and not using delay, went to fight. It was October 10. The fighter has only now returned home with an injured leg, but with a broad smile. He was greeted not only by his happy wife Evgenia with children, but also by the guys from the military-patriotic club of border guards with a bouquet of flowers.

After the airport, everyone went to a kindergarten in Neftchilarki, where the youngest son was walking. The appearance of the military caused a sensation among the children. Son Slava did not expect his father’s appearance on the playing field.

  • Slava immediately descended the mountain and flew to his father, who picked him up. Father and son hugged each other until Evgenia hugged this slender-armed male company, – says NGS55.RU.

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