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Monday, March 20, 2023

Feast of Constantine: what you absolutely must not do on March 19 to live happily

The National Day of Constantine Day is celebrated on March 19. The ancestors believed that on this date a number of prohibitions must be observed in order for the future life to be happy.

What absolutely cannot be done on March 19

• You cannot draw and drink water from other people’s wells – after that a person will become stingy and greedy, and the well will dry up;

• It was forbidden on the day of Constantine to approach the well for pregnant women, it was believed that there would be a difficult pregnancy;

• You can not drink from someone else’s cup – according to the sign, you can quarrel with the owner of the dishes for monetary reasons, moreover, very seriously and for a long time;

• Do not spit in the well, because from there, as our ancestors believed, deceased relatives watch people. A pin in the well may offend them;

• It is impossible to give water from a well for washing hands to another person – according to a sign, it means to give grace;

• It is forbidden to forget your loved ones who died on this day – they should light candles, remember only good things about the dead and drive away all negative thoughts;

• You can not eat heavy foods on March 19 – you can cause stomach diseases;

• It is undesirable for the mother to spend the whole day with the child, otherwise he will grow up angry and selfish. Therefore, women should take the baby to their relatives on March 19 and spend at least an hour or two for their own pleasure.

• You cannot tell dreams – they are prophetic. And so that a bad dream does not come true, it is advisable not to tell anyone about it;

• Smoking is prohibited on Constantine Day – both a good idea and pleasant thoughts can disappear with the smoke. Instead, negativity will settle in the soul.

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