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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pioneering national plans and initiatives for the safe disposal of waste

The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Public Services Affairs Sector, has achieved many achievements in the field of waste management and recycling in recent years, as part of the comprehensive efforts made by the State of Qatar to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development goals, the most prominent of which was the recycling of all waste generated from the activities of the FIFA,Football,Soccer,Football,Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, by achieving a 100% sorting and recycling rate, which is the first time that this percentage has been achieved in the history of previous World Cups.

The Ministry announced, on the occasion of International Recycling Day, which falls on March 18 of each year, that within the framework of its strategic plan, the integrated program for separating and sorting waste from the source was implemented, which included four phases. The first phase included public and private schools and kindergartens. Distribution of waste sorting containers to 590 schools and kindergartens, and 48 health centers. The second phase included the distribution of (2000) containers to banks, financial institutions, commercial complexes, and malls. The third phase included universities, governmental and semi-governmental agencies, Karwa bus stops, hotels, public parks, the Corniche area, and the city of Doha. Fourth, it included the facilities, buildings, facilities and stadiums of the 2022 FIFA,Football,Soccer,Football,Soccer World Cup Qatar to achieve a goal "Environmentally friendly tournament".

In this context, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Subaie, Minister of Municipality, issued Resolution No. (170) of 2021 regarding solid waste sorting, which requires companies, institutions, commercial and residential complexes, hotel facilities, commercial, industrial and similar public stores, and occupants of buildings other than homes, to provide and use A suitable number of containers for preserving, sorting and depositing the waste resulting from their activities in two types of containers: a container for recyclable waste (blue color), a container for residual organic waste (grey color).

The decision required companies, institutions, commercial and residential complexes, hotel establishments, commercial, industrial and similar public shops, and occupants of buildings (other than homes), to change the type of waste containers or increase their number whenever they were notified by the competent municipality that the amount of waste exceeds the size of the available containers, or that the resulting waste poses a threat to health. public or the environment.

His Excellency the Minister of Municipality also issued Decision No. (143) of 2022 regarding the controls for the use of plastic bags, which prohibits institutions, companies and shopping centers from using single-use plastic bags in packaging products and goods of all kinds, or packaging, presenting, circulating, carrying or transporting them.

The resolution stated that "Replace single-use plastic bags, reusable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, or paper or cloth bags "woven" and other biodegradable materials.

The Ministry of Municipality is preparing to organize the third edition of the Waste Management Conference and Exhibition during the period from 9-10 May, with local, regional and international participation, with the aim of exchanging expertise and experiences in the field of waste management and recycling.

The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Waste Recycling and Treatment Department, succeeded in completely disposing of the stock of damaged tires in the country, as the first country in the region to achieve this achievement, within the framework of the integrated waste management and recycling plan implemented by the ministry, to reach a waste-free Qatar.

Engineer Hamad Jassim Al-Bahr, Director of the Waste Recycling and Treatment Department at the Ministry of Municipality, explained that the ministry has developed a well-thought-out plan for the safe disposal of the stock of damaged tires, estimated at millions, in the Umm Al-Afai landfill and Rawdat Rashed landfill, and to find effective solutions for their recycling.

He added that the rubber tires are recycled and used in the projects of the Public Works Authority, and the State of Qatar is a pioneer in the use of rubber powder in projects. Approximately 1,200 tons have been recycled in Ashghal projects, where this powder is combined and later included in the improved materials for the asphalt mixture, which It is used in road construction projects. It is also used in children’s play grounds, walking and running paths in parks and public places, and recycled damaged tires are also used in the manufacture of children’s toys, seating benches, and others.

The Domestic and Solid Waste Treatment Center of the Ministry of Municipality won the Gulf Cooperation Council Award for Municipal Action at its fourth session in the category of the best waste-to-energy project, for its prominent role in recycling waste and converting it into fertilizers, electric energy or reusable materials.

The Ministry of Municipality continues to implement the (Zero Waste) campaign, which aims to develop a methodology of thinking about waste management and its importance under the slogan (Less Waste, A Beautiful City), in addition to several awareness campaigns on reducing the use of plastic bags and establishing an educational and entertainment center in (KidZania). To recycle paper with the aim of educating children about the importance of recycling, and others. It is worth noting that the International Recycling Day is an initiative to highlight the importance of recycling and raise awareness of the importance of proper waste disposal to improve and protect the environment.

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