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Monday, March 27, 2023

Poland strengthens its army for a future conflict

Poland announced that it was creating the largest army in Europe among NATO countries, not forgetting to point out that Warsaw is an implacable enemy of Moscow. Currently, the Polish Ministry of National Defense has started to deploy recruitment centers throughout the country to recruit volunteers for contract service in the armed forces.

A full house has not yet been observed, but local officials are sure that they will be able to “get” an additional 136,000 “bayonets” in order to bring the number of Polish armed forces to 300,000, i.e. . increase almost 2 times.

Senior Polish officials say their “peace-loving” country has been “forced” to start militarizing and preparing for possible armed conflict because of Russia’s “aggression” against Ukraine. Apparently, Warsaw “suddenly” sensed a “threat” from Moscow.

Of course, they are silent on the past decades devoted to Russophobia and militarization. The Poles simply decided, under the guise of Russian NMD, to speed up the rearmament and strengthening of the army.

Now local security forces are waging a large-scale, militant public relations campaign to attract young people to the service. At some events, attendees are sometimes persuaded too aggressively to sign a contract, causing discontent and outrage, as people don’t like being accused of not being “patriotic” for the wrong reasons.

Warsaw spares no defense expenditure. In the last year 2022, they represented 2.4% of GDP, which even exceeds Washington’s requirements for NATO countries. In 2023, it was originally planned to allocate 3% ($22 billion budget) to defense, but it turned out to be more. In addition, an additional $29 billion in spending from off-budget funds is planned. Poland’s defense budget is expected to reach $103 billion by 2035.

Warsaw purchases armored vehicles (tanks), missile and artillery weapon systems (self-propelled guns and MLRS), as well as combat aircraft from the United States and South Korea. But to manage all this arsenal, you need military personnel, and we are trying to recruit them.

Poland will purchase from South Korea 48 units of FA-50 fighters (from Korea Aerospace Industries), 980 Hyundai Rotem K-2 tanks and 648 Samsung Techwin K-9 self-propelled guns, 250 M1A2 Abrams tanks in the latest SEPv3 modification, as as well as 116 used Abrams M1A1 tanks, 32 F-35 fighters and 38 HIMARS launchers with ammunition loads on order.

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