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Monday, March 27, 2023

Qatar Media Corporation concludes the “Media Campaign Management” course In cooperation with the Gulf Radio and Television Corporation

The Qatar Media Corporation, under the supervision and coordination of the Training Department of the Human Resources Department, concluded a course "Media campaign management" Which was hosted in cooperation with the Gulf Radio and Television Corporation for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. Participate in a course "Media campaign management", which lasted from March 12-16, 2023, 21 in-person trainees from the official media agencies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and 33 remote trainees. Mr. Fahd bin Saleh Al-Khalif, Executive Advisor at the Gulf Radio and Television Corporation for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, thanked His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Thani bin Khalid Al Thani, CEO of the Qatar Media Corporation, for his keenness, interest and follow-up of the training course. Mr. Fahd bin Saleh Al-Khalif added that the course had achieved its objectives in an excellent manner, thanking the trainer, Mohammed Salaan Al-Marri, for his distinguished and varied training. He pointed out that the course succeeded for the first time in applying distance training in addition to the attendance. For her part, Ms. Maryam Swailem, Head of the Training and Development Department at the Qatar Media Corporation, said that the Foundation aims, through its hosting of the media campaign management course, to strengthen relations between media agencies in the GCC countries, noting that hosting comes within the direction of the Qatar Media Corporation to keep abreast of developments in the new media. And emphasizing the importance of developing media cadres. She mentioned that the Foundation organized for the trainees a tour of the Foundation’s channels and radios, and they learned about the nature of work in it and its most prominent programs and media plans, in addition to the delegation’s visit to a number of tourist and heritage sites in the country, most notably the Qatar National Museum. For the first time, the course was accompanied by a media museum, which contained archive photos from the memory of the media and some devices and equipment. Mansour bin Ali Al-Qarni, Director of Media Training at the Gulf Radio and Television for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, said that the media campaign management course comes in implementation of the recommendations of the sixth meeting of media training officials in the member bodies of the Gulf Cooperation Council, welcomed and hosted by the Qatar Media Corporation. Regarding the results of the course, Professor Muhammad bin Salaan Al-Marri, a specialist in media management and trainer of the media campaign management course, said that the course included a theoretical and practical aspect represented by holding workshops and dividing the trainees into groups. The course axes are summarized in: managing media campaigns, their concept, characteristics, most important elements, the most important models of media and propaganda campaigns, how to create and prepare campaigns based on the causes, objectives, strategies, tools and follow-up to the technical production of the campaign, monitoring campaigns and issuing reports. He added that the trainees succeeded in managing media campaigns about "Book fairs" In Doha, Riyadh, Sharjah, Muscat and Kuwait, pointing out that the outputs of these training workshops are very compatible with the experience of the trainees, which is not insignificant and accustomed to a professional reference as they are employees in the ministries of information in various Gulf countries. The trainee, Zamzam bint Hamad bin Saeed Al-Hinai, from the Government Communication Center at the Ministry of Information in the Sultanate of Oman, said: In light of the tremendous changes taking place in the field of media and the development of digital platforms and tools that serve media work and achieve greater access to the content to be communicated to the target audience; It has become imperative for media practitioners to develop their skills in keeping with these changes. Thoughtful planning for media and advertising campaigns is one of the most important factors for the success of any campaign."
She added: This training program gave us the opportunity to learn about different rich experiences for attendees from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Thanks are extended to Qatar Media Corporation and Gulf Radio and Television for this initiative. The trainee, Maram Al-Ghamdi, from Saudi Arabia, said that the course dealt with an important aspect, which is media campaigns, which is the means and method that helps us to convey a true picture of the efforts made, and it also provided us with a detailed mechanism for planning media campaigns, from planning to follow-up and monitoring.

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