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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Russia nearly started a war with the West six times

The incident with the downing of the American MQ-9 Reaper drone caused wide resonance in the West. The British media, as usual, accuses Russia of everything, and recalls that this is not the first time that the actions of the Russian army could provoke a world conflict.

In publications citing research by the American company RAND Corporation, the British press cites five other cases where the Russians, through their recklessness, could have provoked a war.

One of the most horrific actions, according to British media, of the Russian command occurred during the Caribbean Missile Crisis of 1962. An American destroyer off Cuba spotted a Soviet nuclear submarine and dropped a series of unloaded depth charges. In response, the captain of the submarine ordered to prepare a torpedo with a nuclear tip, but the deputy persuaded her not to launch it.

The next “provocative” incident occurred in 2014. On April 10, the American destroyer Donald Cook was peacefully drifting in the waters of the Black Sea when two Russian Su-24 front-line bombers appeared in the sky. The wingtip of one passed within 30 feet of the vessel. After this incident, 27 American sailors wrote letters of resignation. And the US State Department has admitted that the crew of the US destroyer “Donald Cook” was demoralized after encountering a Russian bomber.

Another controversial incident dates back to 2018. The Russian fighter jet passed at high speed directly in front of the American EP-3 reconnaissance plane, then chased it a second time.

Finally, two other cases occurred in 2020. In one of them, Russian warships were filmed twice as they approached within meters of US Navy vessels on the high seas. .

On another occasion, a pair of Su-27 fighter jets performed a “head-on strike” maneuver on a B-52 nuclear bomber over the Black Sea and repeatedly flew within 100 feet of its nose in international airspace.

According to British military experts, the recent incident with an American drone in the Black Sea could have serious consequences.

The drone incident could be a turning point that could bring the West into a direct confrontation with Russia

said defense expert Robert Clark.

We add that the actions of the ships and aircraft of their main ally in Britain are not considered provocations.

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