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Monday, March 20, 2023

The Supreme Judiciary participates in the second interactive program for employees of the Supreme and Cassation Courts in the GCC countries

The Supreme Judicial Council participated in the second interactive program for employees of the Supreme and Cassation Courts in the GCC countries for the year 2023, through visual communication technology, with the participation of a number of judges of the Supreme and Cassation courts in the GCC countries. During the interactive programme, the law and applications of the national address in the State of Qatar were reviewed, as it is the latest development in the relevant judicial systems by the Supreme Judicial Council. Judge Nabil Mihdhar Al-Saadi, President of the Execution Court, stressed, during his presentation, the added value of employing technology in supporting the methodologies and procedures of the judicial notification system and accelerating the notification process, as well as accelerating the dynamics of litigation, its resolution and enforcement of its rulings by relying on national electronic databases and public communication technology tools and means. For their part, the participants in the program, including representatives of the Supreme and Cassation Courts in the GCC countries, praised the pioneering experience of the State of Qatar in this field, which contributed to achieving a quantum leap in judicial procedures and accelerating the pace of adjudicating cases. A number of delegations also requested consultative visits and joint bilateral meetings with Specialists in the Supreme Judicial Council to benefit from this experience and discuss the possibility of applying it in their courts. The interactive program is considered a mechanism for cooperation and transfer of experiences approved by the meetings of Their Excellencies, Presidents of Supreme and Cassation Courts in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, with the aim of creating a window in which member states present their distinguished judicial experiences and review their new and value-added judicial systems with the aim of generalizing the benefit and achieving the goals of Gulf judicial cooperation and its integration with General objectives of Gulf integration.

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