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Monday, March 27, 2023

"Education Above All" Launches a project to enable 7,000 Zambian children to receive a quality education

Foundation launched "Education above all"one of the largest international institutions in the field of development and education, a project "Empowering marginalized children with education" In partnership with World Vision, and with the support of the Foundation’s strategic partner, Qatar Fund for Development. The joint project is implemented "Empowering marginalized children with education", in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the African Nannies Forum in Zambia, aims to increase access to education and retain more than 7,000 children at risk of dropping out, and return them to quality primary education in the Namwali region, which is one of the most marginalized regions in Zambia. The project was launched in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Douglas Syakkalima, Minister of Education of Zambia, Mr. Fahad Al-Sulaiti, CEO of Education Above All Foundation, a representative of World Vision, and a group of officials and community members from Zambia. The project targets children attending primary schools from marginalized and vulnerable families who are at high risk of dropping out of school, as these children are those who face three or more difficulties represented in the inability to attend regularly, due to long distances from home to school, disability, and those who are over the age of Study, orphans, students whose parents suffer from chronic diseases and are too frail to support their children, child labourers, and children in early marriages. The project links the current child protection and education systems in order to establish an early warning system to identify children at risk, determine how to mitigate the risk factors for dropping out of schools, take the necessary measures and monitor the situation, and the program will mobilize retention committees in the school to work collaboratively with the school administration to identify and monitor Students at risk of dropping out. The program will also identify causes of absenteeism, monitor and provide tailored retention responses through practical anti-dropout plans. The project will use available school data and registry to track three intervention indicators for students at risk of dropping out: attendance, behaviour, and performance. In this regard, Mrs. Lina Al-Derham, from Education Above All Foundation, explained that some children face challenges that reduce their chances of staying in school, including living in poverty, exposure to environments affected by conflict and war, suffering from chronic diseases, and taking on work responsibilities (child labour). ), and disability, which negatively affects children’s access to education in Zambia, and leads to a high risk of dropping out of school, expressing her happiness in supporting such projects, which enable children to have the opportunity to start their education as a basis for a better future, and to fulfill pledges and ensure the opportunity for all A child to learn and develop the skills he needs. Since 2017, the Education Above All Foundation has been active through its programme "Teach a child" In Zambia with two projects to reach out-of-school children with a quality primary education, where the program "Teach a child" With the Ministry of Education in 29 districts of Zambia, over the past five years, to enroll 175,000 out-of-school children. In partnership with the Community Schools Organization, a community-based organization that seeks to empower orphans and vulnerable children through primary education, the program implemented "Teach a child" project "Community action for out-of-school children in Zambia"With the aim of boosting retention rates among some of Zambia’s most marginalized primary level children in the Namwala district, the "Teach a child" and World Vision, a project "Empowering marginalized children with education". It is noteworthy that the Education Above All Foundation, since its inception in 2012, has provided quality education to millions of children around the world, and has also pledged, with its partners, to enroll millions of marginalized children in schools, most of whom are in developing countries and conflict zones.

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