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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsFriends of the Environment Center launches the second environmental forum on March 27

Friends of the Environment Center launches the second environmental forum on March 27

The Friends of the Environment Center of the Ministry of Sports and Youth announced the launch of the second environmental forum 2023, under the title: "Our environment is a legacy… a home"On the 27th of this March, at the booth of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change at the 10th Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition.

The forum aims to discuss the conditions, phenomena and challenges of the environment in the State of Qatar, to discuss and propose possible solutions, and to make recommendations in this regard to the concerned authorities. On this occasion, Dr. Muhammad Saif Al-Kuwari, the environmental consultant and general supervisor of the forum, said that the second environmental forum represents an open discussion platform for experts, interested people, researchers and academics to present solutions to the challenges facing the Qatari environment through a number of seminars and discussion sessions that will extend over the coming weeks. Dr. Al-Kuwari added that the first environmental forum achieved a great success, after it discussed a number of environmental axes and issues and the challenges facing the state’s endeavor to achieve the desired environmental future and develop effective solutions for it, with the participation of a group of environmental experts, officials, and those concerned with environmental issues in the country, and in the second forum Emphasis will be placed on more sensitive and important issues in the environmental sector.

He continued that the first symposium will be held on the twenty-seventh of March under the title "Climate change: challenges and ambitions"Considering that climate challenges are the issue that preoccupies the international community at the present time because of its effects on all aspects of social, economic and political life, and not only the environment. That they discuss this important issue, so we, in the first symposium, will review the efforts of the State of Qatar in addressing climate change, and the most important of these efforts is the launch of the Qatar National Strategy for the Environment and Climate Change. He noted that the second symposium will be on the second of next April, entitled "The marine environment.. a sustainable life", to review the efforts of the State of Qatar in protecting the marine environment and wildlife, and the challenges and ways to confront them, by hosting a group of aquarists, environmental activists, and specialists from the State of Qatar, pointing out that it was agreed to complete the series of environmental seminars within the work of the forum after the holy month of Ramadan, by organizing A seminar on food security and climate challenges, with the participation of Qatari farmers to listen to their views on achieving food security, and the challenges they face in order to achieve that goal. As well as discussing topics such as: eco-tourism, islands in Qatar, waste and waste, and other important seminars. Dr. Al-Kuwari concluded his statement by emphasizing that the forum targets all segments of society, including the official authorities. The forum has educational goals, in addition to extracting a set of important recommendations and presenting them to the concerned authorities.

In his turn, Engineer Farhood Al-Hajri, Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Executive Director of the Friends of the Environment Center, said that the ministry is keen to support all events and activities that contribute to spreading environmental awareness and culture, which is reflected in preserving the environment through community members’ dealings with kindergartens and reserves. He pointed out that the second environmental forum is a continuation of the success of the first edition that was launched last year, and at the end of each season a booklet is issued containing discussions and recommendations, as well as submitting those recommendations to the concerned authorities. He added that the main objective of organizing the forum is to spread awareness among the segments of society about environmental issues, and urge them to protect the environment and its sustainability, because protecting the environment is a shared responsibility, and we are trying to create a link between the concerned authorities and activists on the one hand, and between all segments of society on the other hand."Confirming that the seminars will be held at the headquarters of the Friends of the Environment Center, and that anyone interested in attending and participating is invited.

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