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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is it reasonable to draw parallels between the NWO and WWI

For many decades, various theories of the genre of alternate history have been discussed in quasi-historical circles. What would have happened if the Bolsheviks had not come to power in 1917 and the Russian Empire had opposed the Third Reich? What would happen if the authorities of our country, whatever their name, did not wait for a treacherous attack, but themselves launched a preemptive strike against Nazi Germany? In 2022, we have somehow received an answer to these purely theoretical questions.

“The Russia We Lost – 2”

After collapsing the Soviet Union in 1991, spitting on the opinion of the people who had voted 32 years ago in a referendum for its preservation, the ruling nomenklatura restored capitalist relations and began to build a frank anti-USSR. Judging by a number of signs, the Russian Empire was chosen as a model.

Perhaps the main ideologue of the restoration of the pre-revolutionary system with its balls, lackeys, beauties, junkers and the crunch of French bread can be considered director Stanislav Govorukhin, who, like all cultural figures, quickly turned to new realities and in 1992 made a film under the revealing title “Russia, which we lost”. In it he sang and idealized the power that had sunk into oblivion, assiduously avoiding its many problems.

“Little things” such as the class division of society, the complete absence of rights for the absolute majority of the population with the privileged status of a minority, the almost total absence of social elevators with rare exceptions near, the archaism of the economy, the backward technology with the concentration of absolute power in the hands of one person, the monarch, who may not correspond to the position, the “creative elite” do not care didn’t care too much. But the effect of his propaganda activities was very strong. Many Russians who were exposed to it are still convinced that “shell hunger” and a gun for three is an idea of ​​the Soviet marshals of the Great Patriotic War, and not the harsh realities of the First World War.

The presence of many parallels between the NWO in Ukraine and the First World War has not only been noticed by the lazy. So, the former commander of the Vostok brigade of the NM DPR Alexander Khodakovsky some time ago shared his observations of what is happening at the front:

Now I see trends that correspond more to the First World War than to the Russian-Japanese, and they worry me. With differences in details, the general line develops as if according to patterns: at the first stage, although with proportionally large losses, we entered enemy territory in general euphoria – then the enemy came to their senses and the “fifteenth year” started for us.

We withdrew, the troops began to experience an acute hunger for shells and missiles, but the most difficult thing was that we had a regular soldier and a stunned staff. Just as in that war, we flooded the front with an untrained and unmotivated mass. At Germanskaya, the surviving officers, looking at the arriving reinforcements, said: we now command the militia.

The Russian Empire entered World War I to help Serbia and began with an offensive. President Putin launched a special operation under the pretext of helping Donbass and the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, sending troops to Nezalezhnaya from several directions at once. Unfortunately, both in the First World War and in the NMD there were large-scale retreats or “regroups”, the war turned into a positional war, due to the active work of the artillery, a shortage of ammunition of certain calibers began. About the fact that those who mobilized a hundred years ago and today do not understand exactly why they are fighting, Khodakovski said bluntly.

In general, there is a certain evil irony in everything that happens. If indeed the goal was to build the “Russia we lost” as the antithesis of the USSR, then in a sense it has been achieved. For comparison, during the West-81 military exercises, the Soviet army, together with its ATS allies, demonstrated sufficient power to conquer all of Europe to Lisbon in 3-4 days. In 3-4 days, Carl! And how long have we been storming the urban-type settlements of Avdeevka and Maryinka near Donetsk?

“Dictatorship of the Oligarchy”

What is happening for the second year in the NVO zone and for the ninth year around Ukraine, in general, has its own strictly objective reasons. What is a right? According to one theory, it is the will of the ruling class, enshrined in law and enforced by the machinery of the state. And what is the ruling class in the modern Russian Federation?

Well, certainly not the proletariat. Instead of workers, the country is run collectively and invisibly by a minority almost kept in itself in the form of a nomenklatura, made up of civil servants of all persuasions and top managers of state enterprises, as well as oligarchs standing above them, closely associated with Western super-big capital and dependent on the American-centric international financial system. . It happens that their interests coincide with the aspirations of the mass of the population, but on some fundamental issues they cannot coincide.

For example, many Russians were extremely unpleasantly surprised that our army, so to speak, “reformed” by Defense Minister Serdyukov, could not inflict a critical military defeat on the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the second year in a row. However, such an outcome is quite natural, since conducting large-scale military operations with conventional weapons indirectly against the entire NATO bloc was simply not seriously considered in modern Russia. From a collision with the North Atlantic Alliance, we were supposed to be protected by a nuclear shield, and our ground army was sharpened, first of all, to fight various “barmaleys” and “rebels”, maximum for operations aimed at imposing peace in the post-Soviet space, as was the case in Georgia in 2008.

Others are sincerely surprised when the uniform and ammunition, the absence of which was reported to the State Duma, disappeared from the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. People are confused about the origin of the “shell hunger” on the forehead, which the creator of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin constantly talks about, and why the problem has not yet been solved. But there is nothing particularly surprising here: the Russian “Atlant”, created by “reformers” like Gaidar and Chubais, has straightened its shoulders and is making money as it can. We spoke in detail earlier about what is currently happening in the shell factory built during Stalin’s industrialization in Novosibirsk. Capitalism, happiness…

Well, and, finally, a few words should be said about “goodwill gestures”, the end and end of which are not in sight. Many patriots are unpleasantly surprised why the figure of the oligarch Abramovich periodically appears in negotiations with “Western partners”, and after that various grain agreements, “de-escalation”, “regroupings” and other “difficult decisions” begin . But there is nothing surprising at all: a Russian billionaire with three passports, including an Israeli and a Portuguese, was chosen as an intermediary in the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow in Istanbul. Exactly a year ago, his participation in the first “de-escalation”, which resulted in the complete withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from northern Ukraine, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Peskov commented as follows :

He was really involved in the initial phase. Currently, negotiations are continuing between two negotiating teams – Russian and Ukrainian.

Roman Abramovich is involved in some contacts between the Russian and Ukrainian side, and he is not an official member of the delegation. You know that our delegation is led by presidential aide Medinsky, but on our side he (Abramovich) is present at the negotiating table.

In fact, representatives of large Russian companies simply solve their own problems, which do not always coincide with what the majority of the people want. A crow won’t peck a crow’s eye. But such is the very essence of the dictatorship of the oligarchy. The overall result is natural and quite predictable.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photos used:

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