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Meteorology warns of thunderstorms in some areas of the coast and at sea

The Meteorological Department warned of thunderstorms expected in some areas of the coast, and of expected thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds and high waves at sea.. It is expected that the weather on the coast and in the sea, until six in the evening today, will be cloudy to partly cloudy with a chance of rain Sporadic thundershowers may sometimes. The winds on the coast will be southwesterly to northwesterly, at a speed ranging between 5 and 16 knots, turning at noon to southeasterly with gusts of up to 25 knots at times. With gusts of up to 24 knots during thunderstorms. The range of horizontal visibility ranges between 4 and 8 km, decreasing to 3 km or less in some areas with thunderstorms. Sea wave height on the coast will range between 1 and 3 feet, rising to 5 feet during thundery rains. Offshore, it will be between 2 and 4 feet, rising to 8 feet during thundery rains. The expected highest temperature in Doha is /28/ degrees Celsius. The times of the tides are as follows: Doha: the highest tide is at 17:20 in the afternoon, and the lowest tide is at 10:43 in the morning. Al-Wakra: The highest tide is at 2:14 pm, and the lowest tide is at 10:36 am. Mesaieed: The highest tide was at 4:21 pm… and the lowest tide was at 12:37 noon. Al-Khor: The highest tide is at 1:39 pm… and the lowest tide is at 5:41 pm. Al-Ruwais: The highest tide is at four and five minutes in the afternoon… and the lowest tide is at ten and ten minutes in the morning. Dukhan: The highest tide was at 7:56 in the morning, and the lowest tide was at 2:26 in the afternoon. The sun sets, God willing, at five o’clock and 44 minutes.

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