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Monday, March 27, 2023

More gold nuggets from letters to newspaper readers – ‘I find it very disturbing to allow unhardened young people to practice this indecency’

A few weeks ago a letter from the past post was posted here on the DV website, a throwback to the past when there was no social media.

But on the other hand, Readers’ Voices in Dagblaðin and Velvakandi in Morgunblaðin were there for anyone who wanted reassurance about the TV channel schedule or the pros/cons of the ban on beer, prohibition of dogs or any other prohibition in force at the time.

See also: Letters from the readers were the commenting system for the past few years – “I think it’s very unnatural for something like this to be presented to the public”

To get this now well communicated, this secretary struggled to troubleshoot at DV during the summer just after her twenties to get letters from readers, as well as those that were written (nothing was online , the mail was picked up in the morning) as well as telephone calls.

Three decades later, that life experience is still etched in the soul, as one has not yet become hardened by the “asset in the comments” as it is today.

So let’s look at a few more nuggets from past reader columns, where you can see what was most important to people.

Bulb fans were mighty

Árni called Dagblaðið 1981: I would like to suggest on television that they repeat the shows with Blondie and Wings and the charity concerts that many bands played. I would also like to mention that I heard that TV got a movie with the band Kiss but can’t show it because it’s too expensive. Is it correct?

    These would have looked good on the dance floors of community centers.
    A mother named Dagblaðið 1983: The other day a dance marathon for children and teenagers took place in one of the community centers in the capital. I think it’s very disturbing to let uncouth teenagers do this indecency, and I think a lot of people agree with me. You never know if it will be bad for your health. The spirit of competition means that children do not stop when the body says stop, and then the danger is certain. I just hope that this kind of dance competition won’t be held for these age groups anymore.

  • Anyone still traumatized by the marathon dance at a community center is urged to contact the DV Editorial Board. We would love to hear your story.

HG called Dagblaðið 1979: When will Stjörnubíó rerun the movie Close Encounters and Nýjíbío will rerun the movie Omen 1? I hope it will be answered.

-The question is: did HG answer? HG hoped so deeply…

dv thank you very much

A U2 fan writes in DV 1985: I’m starting to want to hear U2 songs on Rás 2. Many hours have been spent presenting lost chocolates, but bands like U2, Big Country, Echo and the Bunnymen are left on hold. . Television can also take this to heart. First it shows shows with Culture Club and Duran Duran, it might as well show ,,Under Blood Red Skies, live at Red Rock Hostel, with U2. Finally, I would like to thank DV for an article on U2 that was published recently. PS: Canal 2 employees? Pride (In the Name of Love) isn’t the only song U2 has released.

-DV says thank you, even if it’s late. Good to know that the newspaper article on U2 was well received.
Björn didn’t just call for more U2 songs – he wanted out.
A housewife from Kópavogur was named Morgunblaðið in 1983: On the radio, channel 1, an advertisement for a drink, called Hi-C, is now airing during commercial hours. On Icelandic national radio, the name of the drink is pronounced in English, and I don’t understand it at all. This will confuse the language skills of children and teenagers.

  • Where was the Swedish national radio language manager when the need arose? Or just scream?

Where are the women’s organizations now?

Someone who could not write in Dagblaðið 1980: I would like to express the wish that the Fóstbræðir male choir repeats the entertainments that took place on the weekend recently. The last entertainment took place last Saturday and was then sold out. Our couple friends were at this party and they had a great time with the varied singing of the choir, quartet, solo and group singing. Various performers within the choir also performed various comedies. Foster brothers, with the butter!

-Choir, quartet, solo, mass singing AND comedy at the top?? Hopefully Fóstbræður repeated the game.
Why didn’t the women unite against the corners? Photo/Getty
A housewife wrote in Morgunblaðið in 1967. She was unhappy with the new corners of the Mjölkursamsale and had many things on her mind: In the name of the nation of women, I am ashamed that we have allowed ourselves to be treated like this. Where are the women’s organizations now? Are we really such individualistic women here in Reykjavík, that we cannot stick together, in a matter as resolute as this? I challenge women’s associations in the capital and all other women’s communities to put this issue on their agenda, as soon as possible. Let’s go on a milk strike.

  • Issues as unanimous as the corners of the Mjølkursamsale rarely come to the table of women’s organisations. It doesn’t matter what organization it is. Which is sad.

Which again reminds me of the Ragnheiðar massacre, but the quality of the massacre is independent of time and media.

“Ragnheiður” called Dagblaðið in 1978: “I would like to inform those who prepare the slaughterhouse in Þykkvabærn if they cannot improve the slaughterhouse. It is too thick for them there in the east. Holagarður here in Breiðholt sells their slaughter and it is not as good as the Sláturfélag slaughter. It occurred to me that the people of Tykkvabæjar could not get the recipe from them in Sláturfélagin. When a horse is bought for eight hundred ISK, people want to have a good slaughter.”

  • There is no way to protest against Ragnheiði. A slaughter is only a slaughter if it is good. Case solved.

A woman from Suðurnesj writes in Morgunblaðið 1987: I would like to thank the television very much for the programs “Svartaskógi Hospital”. I think these shows are particularly good and free from crime and indecency, which is unfortunately too common to be seen in otherwise good shows. These episodes take place in a wonderful environment, where great doctors work, who are above all human beings and who dare to show their human side. I think these episodes are excellent and I know many others are. And a last wish? Would it be possible to rebroadcast the episode on Kristján Jónsson the poet of the mountains? It was a great show, but unfortunately a lot of people missed it for uncontrollable reasons.

-And we still have to suffer from on-screen crime and indecency. And that even without the beautiful setting.
Is it not the crown garments that the Kaffibrúskarlani wear?
The hero who answered the Post’s question deserved words

It’s hard to end a discussion of letters from the reader without mentioning the excellent Póst, which has been in the Week for many years. There, people could send in their various questions on matters that mattered to them, and the Post answered them with great excellence. Here you can see some questions the Post received in 1974:

-Is the song “I’m a chef on a kutter from Sandi” about a man from Hellissandi?

  • Do the coffee cup men star in the crown clothing commercials that are shown on TV?

-I want to learn to read poetry correctly. Who can I turn to?

  • Can someone visit the president?

-I’m fifteen. Am I breaking the law if I have an eighteen year old boyfriend?

-Can La Poste help me find a Christian correspondent in Asia, preferably in Japan or China?

This reading is an inexhaustible source of entertainment.

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