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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

No new manager named after Medvezhyegorsk dog shelter scandal

A fight in a shelter for stray animals in Medvezhyegorsk led to the dismissal of the director of the municipal institution, and so far the duties have been given to the deputy, but the public is not happy with this situation: people want precision and clarity.

Holy place

Igor Derevyagin, the head of the MCU “ACC of the Medvezhyegorsk district”, left the post of head of his own free will. Residents immediately had a question: Who will now run the shelter? Theories, conjectures and speculations started circulating on social media.

On them reacted to the district administration and explained that with the job for this position, things are not so transparent. More precisely, the position of the director of the shelter does not exist in principle, since animal treatment activities are included in the list of functions of the head of the municipal institution “Administrative and Economic Center of the Medvezhyegorsk District”.

It only became clear that the tasks of the chief were assigned to the deputy. At the same time, the administration did not consider it necessary to indicate who is currently the deputy of the institution. Residents claim that it is Natalia Glushneva.

It should be clarified that Igor Derevyagin voluntarily resigned from his position as head after getting into a scandalous story with a fight on the territory of the shelter.

Tango with fight

On Sunday March 5, a video with a conflict in a municipal animal shelter circulated on social networks: a man with a cigarette in his mouth forcibly restrained a woman, pressing her against the enclosures. The video was posted to the audience of another local “Right to Life” shelter.

Later, the information was confirmed: the director of the municipal institution, Igor Derevyagin, really got into the lens, but animal rights activist Irina Povoroznik fell victim to it.

The incident outraged the public. As Derevyagin could barely stand in the video, townspeople assumed he was drunk and that such behavior should not go unpunished.

Of course, this story could not but reach the head of the Medvezhyegorsk district, Maxim Antipov. Thus, on Monday, March 6, he posted on his page in a social network and said that Igor Derevyagin underwent a medical examination for intoxication, the results of which showed a negative result – the leader was sober at the time of the scandal. The editors have a copy of the document at their disposal.

As for the conflict itself, according to Antipov, such actions on the part of Derevyagin can be considered a “request” to leave the territory of the refuge, since Irina Povoroznik was denied access there due to violations of visitation rules.

The District Chief also added some details about the conflict, which coincidentally were not filmed. So, Maxim Antipov said that the volunteer “tried to start a fight, fell several times, and when she saw that Derevyagin did not react to her, she attacked him and bit him.” And Derevyagin’s restraint is just an attempt to protect a person from harm. Maxim Antipov Photo: Maxim Bershtein


In addition to the video with the fight itself, the social network also saw the certificate of the surgeon on duty, which describes in detail the complaints that Irina Povoroznik made to the medical institution and the injuries that she eventually received suffered. To our colleagues from “Capital on Onego” at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karelia confirmed information that the woman had a bruised chest and a fractured rib. Also documented.

At the same time, in his message, the head of the Medvezhyegorsk district claimed that the volunteer “felt well, did not report that she had any injuries.” He also added that Igor Derevyagin was also undergoing a medical examination at the time for the injuries inflicted on him. However, the results of this “action” are still not made public.

On Tuesday, March 7, Antipov published another article on this subject, in which he admitted that “no matter how the events unfolded, the head of the institution should not have gotten carried away and brought the matter to open conflict”.

It was planned to hold an official investigation, but it did not take place, because Igor Derevyagin decided to leave his post voluntarily. On the same day, the district head signed a dismissal order with the agreement of the parties and apologized to the residents of the Medvezhyegorsk district.

“The end point of this story now, apparently, will be put by the investigating authorities, with statements to which each of the parties to the conflict has turned,” Antipov summed up.


At the time of writing, information about potential candidates for the post of head of the “Administrative and Economic Center of the Medvezhyegorsk District” is still missing. The scandalous story greatly excited the public. People don’t want a repeat of the sad experience in this case.

In addition, residents are not satisfied with the fact that the shelter is owned by a municipal institution. In the comments of the shelter group “Right to life” Citizens share their impressions that it is worth thinking about creating a separate position for the director of the shelter, and not for the entire municipal institution as a whole. Residents of Medvezhyegorsk believe that working with animals is laborious and requires constant supervision, so such a socially important business should be kept separate.

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