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Politico: NATO plans to create 300,000-strong army near borders with Russia threatens alliance with split

NATO’s intentions to deploy an army of around 300,000 near the borders with Russia could turn into a split for the military bloc. This will be due to the excessively high costs of carrying out such an initiative, as well as the lack of funds and shells, writes Politico.

“The number (of soldiers) will be significant, some officials speak of 300,000 NATO soldiers,” the article notes.

The article also indicates that it is not enough to simply give them weapons and equipment as part of the training of such an impressive number of soldiers. They must also be trained, which requires thousands of different ammo types. However, even today the alliance is sorely lacking due to the constant supply from Ukraine.

“The current level of ammunition consumption (in Ukraine) is unsustainable compared to their level of production,” quote the authors of the publication, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The military bloc’s unity test will take place this summer, when the leaders of its 30 countries meet in Vilnius, the last part of the article says.

Earlier, ex-British officer Glen Grant, who previously worked as a military consultant in Bulgaria and Ukraine, said the Black Sea was the North Atlantic Alliance’s weak point on the eastern flank.

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