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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Arab Center for Research issues a new book on Nietzsche’s philosophy of critical values

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has published a new book entitled The Philosophy of Critical Values ​​in Nietzsche: The Question of Ethics and the Question of Radical Criticism, by Dr. El Mouldi Ezzedini, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sfax, Tunisia. The book includes 380 pages, a bibliographic list, and a general index. It seeks to study the nature of the relationship between "The form of etiquette" (establishing a field of critical values ​​related to the form of free life, located beyond good and evil, i.e. beyond the traditional concept of morality) on the one hand, and"Fundamental Criticism Question" (any "Genealogy") of the traditional system of ethics on the other hand, and tries to explore the field "etiquette" As an independent field of issues different from traditional moral philosophy. The book is based on an analysis of texts and involvement in the philosopher’s spirit, in order to understand him, explain his concepts, and expand his theses, in the writings of the famous German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. The added research value of the book is to present an integrated work on an issue that has been covered only partially in Arabic. It is noteworthy that the writer El-Mouldi Ezzedini holds a PhD in modern and contemporary philosophy, and has published many articles in both Arabic and French. He has several books, including: "The philosophical criticism of the thinking self at Descartes"And"Vigilance and confusion in Maurice Merleau-Ponty"And"Studies in Nietzsche’s Philosophy".

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