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Sunday, June 4, 2023
WorldAsia"A task of paramount importance." What military correspondents and bloggers say...

“A task of paramount importance.” What military correspondents and bloggers say about the situation in Avdiivka


Russian and Ukrainian telegraph channels report that the Russian army is preparing to encircle Avdiivka, a town of around 30,000 people north of Donetsk. Head of the Defense Forces Press Center of the Taurid Directorate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky, has already said that the settlement “could become the second Bakhmut”. RTVI collected what war correspondents say about the situation in this direction.

VGTRK military journalist Evgeny Poddubny, in a conversation with RTVI, noted that Avdiivka is used by the enemy to launch artillery strikes on Donetsk, especially on the city center.

“If we are talking about the humanitarian aspect, then removing the enemy from the biggest city, which is located on the line of contact, is a task of paramount importance,” he said.

According to him, Avdiivka is of great importance for Ukrainian formations, in particular, the location of the city makes it possible to control part of the road that connects Donetsk and Gorlovka in a straight line, Donetsk and Debaltseve, Lugansk.

“Secondly, it allows you to place firing positions in the immediate vicinity of Donetsk. Third, it’s another great colony. During the year-long special military operation, Russian troops were unable to penetrate the enemy defenses at Avdiivka. Now, I wouldn’t rush with the forecast. The threat of operational encirclement hung over the enemy in Avdiivka, today it became clear that Russian units developed success near Krasnogorovka, fierce battles ensued in the Petrovsky region, and this really creates serious inconveniences for the Kiev regime formations that are in Avdiivka,” Poddubny explained.

He added that now the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “hastily transfers reserves in this direction in order to prevent the formation of an operational encirclement, that is, to prevent the control of fire on the lines of communication between the enemy garrison, which is located in Avdiivka, and the rear areas.”


According to war correspondent Yuri Kotenok, Avdiivka is “a bone attached with a sharp end to the Donetsk agglomeration, because a powerful fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created in Avdiivka, which in fact overlooks the capital of the DPR and allows the enemy to shell Donetsk, Makiivka and other cities with impunity, cover residential areas, hit objects, social centers.

“Several attempts to take the fortified area of ​​Avdeev head-on did not yield results. In fact, the enemy only managed to be driven back behind the Donetsk ring road, and that was the end of the matter. Now there is hope that the confrontation that has dragged on for years, the frozen front line, which plays into the enemy’s hands, that the situation will change,” he said in an interview with RTVI.

There is an advance south of Avdiivka – this is Severnoye, Vodyanoye, noted Kotenok. He added that at Pervomaisky, Russian troops ran into enemy defenses and went no further. At the same time, according to the military correspondent, north of Vodyanoye people are trying to go further, to gain a foothold on new frontiers: south and even south-west of Avdiivka. From the north, such an attempt is underway from the direction of Krasnogorovsk – Kamenka is taken there.

“Where is the temptation here? The fact is that in our country, again, thanks to zealous talking heads who fight orally, the desired is passed off as the real. There is no encirclement of Avdiivka and cannot be at the moment and in the current configuration of the front, because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to break through enemy defenses in such conditions”, Kotenok said.

He recalled that in the direction of Donetsk the ratio of forces of Russian and Ukrainian troops is “almost equal”.

“We have not created a group that outnumbers the enemy in manpower and artillery. And given that the enemy dug into the ground and for eight years decently dug into it, this can even be considered an advantage. The fortified area of ​​Avdeevka shows that there are deep positions that allow you to wait not only for shelling, but even for aerial bombardment. The enemy was preparing extremely seriously. Therefore, you should not run in front of the locomotive. These attempts at wishful thinking lead to no good,” the military commander added.

According to Kotenok, under certain circumstances, if Russian forces advance northwest of Avdiivka and southwest, to new lines, and also try to cut enemy communications, “perhaps the forces that still occupy Avdiivka will find themselves in the real encirclement”. It is not necessary to present the image in such a way that the enemy sits in a deaf defense and defends himself, keeping his word of honor – no, it is a competent defense using artillery, the withdrawal along the lines, war correspondent believes.

“And even taking Avdiivka into the operational encirclement is not a panacea. Yes, to some extent this will reduce the ability to hit Donetsk from systems that fired directly from the Avdiivka fortified area, but behind Avdiivka the trap, in Karlovka, in Kurakhovo, new fortified areas have already been unearthed, new positions that also need to be taken. Avdiivka will undoubtedly be cut sooner or later, the question is when. The situation is the same with Marinka, where heavy battles are already taking place directly in the city – the city is actually destroyed, the enemy in the western parts of Maryinka is trying to resist, here the situation is almost similar to Avdiivka”, he explained.

It cannot be said that there are “some kind of boilers” near Avdiivka, Kotenok said. Cauldrons are means, they can be used as one of the types of hostilities surrounding the enemy, but for this you need to have superior forces, provide flanks in order to be ready for unblocking strikes, a added the military commander.

“Now, as you know, the enemy is preparing an offensive operation, without hiding its intentions, to strike, including in the Bakhmut-Artyomovsk direction, in order to avoid encirclement there. Therefore, for now, there are no victorious reports, no mood of bravery – we are not yet close to victory, as it seems to many, including the situation in the direction of Avdiivka confirms this. There is hard and painstaking work ahead, stop talking about boilers,” Kitten concluded.


War correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, commenting on the fighting on the outskirts of the ninth microdistrict of the city of Avdeevka, noted that he was not yet at the scene and therefore could not clarify the situation.

“But it looks fantastic. If so, then it’s a big success. In general, this virtual assault on Avdiivka in the telegram is not clear. Things are bad there. ” writing he is in his telegram channel.

The Rybar Telegram channel, created by military Arabic translator and former Defense Ministry press secretary Mikhail Zvinchuk, on the afternoon of March 20 reported that north of Avdiivka, Russian units succeeded near Krasnogorovka and broke through the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the railway line. According to the telegram channel, the Russian armed forces have entrenched themselves on the eastern outskirts of Petrovsky (Stepovoe), where fierce battles are taking place.

“Ukrainian Armed Forces are urgently reinforcing forward positions with reinforcements. Reinforcements, reinforced by several tanks, were deployed from the Berdychi region in the direction of Petrovsky. In the northeast, Russian fighters entered Kamenka, for which intense fighting has been going on for a few days. Clashes continue inside the village. South of Avdiivka, assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces, operating from the outskirts of Opytny, broke through the fortifications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces formations on the southwestern outskirts of the city. Now the fighting continues on the outskirts of Avdiivka’s ninth district,” writes Rybar.

In the event that Russian troops manage to liberate Petrivske and gain a foothold in the area by cutting the railway line, the supply by rail will be stopped, which will considerably reduce the capacities of the Ukrainian group, notes the Telegram channel.

“A breakthrough southwest of the fortified area of ​​Avdiivka shackles Ukrainian units in this area, preventing them from being transferred north to regain control of a section of the railway line. With clear and timely coordination of the actions of the forward forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, serious tactical success can be achieved and the regrouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can fall into the operational environment,” the Rybar authors said. summary.

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