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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsAnother video with the participation of the Su-27 and a drone appeared...

Another video with the participation of the Su-27 and a drone appeared on the web


Footage of another incident involving a Su-27 fighter jet and a foreign drone is circulating the web. The Russian aircraft is alleged to be attacking the Ukrainian-made Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone. Kiev propaganda claims that the Russian pilot is trying to shoot down a reconnaissance drone by spilling fuel or a jet stream from the engine.

However, military analysts believe that Ukrainian Telegram channels, as always, mislead their subscribers. In recent months, downed Bayraktar drones have not been reported either in Russian Defense Ministry reports or in enemy reports. These expensive Turkish drones are based in the rear, away from the line of contact. If they approach Russian positions, they will be immediately destroyed by our air defense.

Presumably, the video shows an APU pilot training to counter Russian drones with the participation of his own drone. Or it’s a very old video, filmed before the start of the special operation.

We did not intercept any “Bayraktars” of Ukrainians on the outings, because they stand at least 30 km from the line of contact, in the back. Anything that flies closer is immediately knocked down. No one will diplomatically pour fuel on the Ukrainian “Bayraktar”, they will immediately shoot it down with a rocket, and it is unrealistic to confuse it with the “Reaper” or the “Global hawk”

  • writes the Fighterbomber telegram channel.

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