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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsFursov revealed the plan for the "golden billion" summit

Fursov revealed the plan for the “golden billion” summit

More and more states on the planet are gradually introducing national digital currencies.

Philosopher Andrey Fursov turned his attention to this, according to the DEITA.RU news agency with reference to the Day TV YouTube channel.

According to him, despite the fact that the global “citadel of democracy” facing the United States is not at the forefront of this process, it is precisely its monetary authorities who can end up curbing this trend and transforming the real scam of the century. based on new technologies.

According to the expert, America can go much further than any other country in this area. In particular, as the expert predicts, American leaders can, under this pretext, practically painlessly eliminate all contradictions of the dollar debt pyramid.

In other words, governments can simply “zero” the dollar. Elite can announce that it is now going completely digital. Accordingly, the peak of the “golden billion” may leave millions of the most ordinary citizens without money.

As the specialist predicts, they will be forced to sell their real assets for almost nothing and start working for digital means of payment, as they say, from scratch. No one has ever performed such an operation.

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