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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsKoreans cited six reasons for continuing to wear masks despite lifting restrictions...

Koreans cited six reasons for continuing to wear masks despite lifting restrictions – Reuters


The mandatory mask-wearing rule was introduced in the Republic of Korea on October 20, 2020, with mandatory wearing indoors and outdoors almost all the time. And it should be recognized that the Koreans pretty much followed the order, especially since a fine was invoked for violation.

Although COVID-19 has been on the decline in Korea for some time and more than 90% of those who could do so have been vaccinated, authorities have been slow to cancel mask-wearing for fear of repeat outbreaks. . A few weeks ago, the country allowed the non-wearing of masks on the streets and in most premises, but it was necessary to remain in protective equipment when using all types of public transport, in the medical institutions and pharmacies. This caused some confusion because some could not remember “when and when not”.

On March 20, the mask-wearing rule on public transport was finally abolished, although mask-wearing is still compulsory for hospitals and other medical establishments. In addition, the authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan “strongly recommend” the wearing of masks during rush hours in public transport, as well as for those who show symptoms of COVID-19. Nevertheless, today in Korea is seen by many as a symbolic date for the end of the period of the coronavirus pandemic, which first entered South Korea in January 2020.

However, despite the relaxations, most Koreans continued to use masks on the first day of the new rules. According to polls, 71% of people in the country intend to continue wearing masks on public transport. However, it is possible that this decision was influenced by a cloud of fine dust that today covers the whole country, from which it is difficult to breathe. Masks simply help in these cases, and in the spring “visits” of such “uninvited guests” on the Korean peninsula are not uncommon.
A flash survey by a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent of Korean acquaintances into the reasons for the continued use of masks showed that the patterns are sometimes quite different. In total, the Koreans cited six reasons: lingering fears about the coronavirus, an attempt to put a barrier of dust in the air, “out of habit, and without a mask – as if only in their underwear”, “because almost everyone walks like that”, the opportunity to save on make-up, the desire to hide facial expressions. However, absolutely everyone took the new rule positively, rejoicing that the difficult period of the pandemic was in fact over.

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