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NewsLosing weight for summer: 6 steps to a perfect body

Losing weight for summer: 6 steps to a perfect body


20:40, 20 March 2023, author: Nesterova A.

Losing weight for summer: 6 steps to a perfect body

The endocrinologist told how to get in order for the hot season.

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Winter is behind. It’s time to make plans for spring and summer, as well as prepare for hot days. Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova told how to quickly give the figure a stunning look.

1. Motivation

Girl in blue dress

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You need to create an incentive for yourself to lose weight. Buying a swimsuit or dress size below is a great option. Of course, the thing should be such that the desire to lose weight to the desired mark instantly awakens in you.

2. Power control

It will not be superfluous to keep track of what, how much and when you ate. Write it down in a notebook so you don’t forget anything. Ideally, late snacks should be eliminated from the diet. And it is better to chew food slowly, drinking water – this way you will be full faster, which means you will consume fewer calories.

3. Breakfast


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People who are not used to breakfast eat more at lunch and dinner. Find time for breakfast – the amount eaten will decrease.

4. Protein + fiber

The diet should consist primarily of fiber and protein. And sweet fruits and vegetables are best eaten only in the morning.

5. No sweets

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Try to do without sweets in the evening – this will also benefit the figure.

6. Healthy sleep

If you have a rule to go to bed before 11:00 p.m., then you will notice how calories will begin to “burn” in a dream. A dream that began after midnight, alas, does not have such a beauty effect.

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