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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaPutin united half the world in Moscow

Putin united half the world in Moscow


During Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow, a conference is organized with the participation of African countries, reports the TELMENEWS.RU news agency.

A representative delegation of African countries participates in the Russia-Africa conference. The presidents of African states give speeches in which, despite the Americans and the EU, they unanimously praise the Russian leader.

“Russia is a powerful country, Russians are a great people, Vladimir Putin is a great president,” the president of Ghana said at the forum.

“Russia is a powerful country, Russians are a great people. Russia is led by a great president, a great statesman”, echoes the president of the National People’s Assembly of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Cypriano Kassama.

In turn, speaking on behalf of Russia, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin noted that Russia and Africa stand for building a multipolar world.

“Friendship is a two-way street,” Volodin said.

On the day of perhaps the main political event of the spring – the visit of the Chinese leader to Moscow – Vladimir Putin will not deprive African guests of his attention. It has been learned that the head of state will first address the African delegates and then go to a meeting with Xi Jinping.

So, on March 20-21, the Russian president united half the world at one time – those who do not want to dance to the tune of Washington and uphold the equality of all geopolitical partners. The historic unification of Africa, China and Russia in Moscow may be Vladimir Putin’s most important step towards establishing a multipolar world.

Recall that Xi Jinping’s plane landed in Vnukovo at noon. After delivering a brief speech, the Chinese leader went to prepare for a bilateral meeting with Putin. It will start at 4:00 p.m. Moscow time and will continue with an informal dinner.

“In a far from peaceful world, China stands ready with Russia to uphold international law,” Xi said.

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