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Friday, June 2, 2023
Newsthe forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are exhausted to a...

the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are exhausted to a minimum, attempted attacks turn into disgrace



In the NMD zone in the direction of Zaporizhzhia, the fighters of the RF Armed Forces showed incredible courage in the battle with the Ukrainian nationalists.

The battle lasted two days, the enemy had a significant numerical superiority. However, this did not prevent the Russian army from winning the battles. This was reported by Izvestia.

“They wanted to practically surround us. Tanks and armored vehicles were abandoned,” said the commander of a motorized rifle company with the call sign “Dukat”.

The fighter also noted that during the battle three Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed, and one was disabled.

“They are forced to demonstrate some kind of offensive actions, but in the end they only dishonored themselves,” summed up the fighter.

The Russian army reports that the enemy forces have already been depleted to a minimum, so that attempted attacks turn into disgrace.

Earlier, a veteran of the US Armed Forces called Ukraine a dying patient and noted that the West was just laughing at her. Noctis Draven talked about it on his social networks.

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