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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaThe Liberal Democratic Party has decided to appoint the former "favorite" Zhirinovsky...

The Liberal Democratic Party has decided to appoint the former “favorite” Zhirinovsky to the mayor of Moscow


31-year-old Deputy State Duma Speaker Boris Chernyshov can compete with the party’s Sergei Sobyanin

State Duma Deputy Speaker Boris Chernyshov could become the Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate for mayor of Moscow in the September 11 elections. He is considered the penultimate “favorite” of the late party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who almost became his heir. Moreover, Chernyshov is known for several strange initiatives, such as a proposal to make the anthem “God Save the Tsar!” to Russia. like a state. And also by the fact that few party leaders treat him with love.

Boris Chernyshov. Photo According to several Bloknot sources in the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party, the party could nominate State Duma Deputy Speaker Boris Chernyshov for the election of the mayor of Moscow.

“Now this option is considered the basis. It is also possible that leader Leonid Slutsky will personally leave the party to cement his status as the party’s top politician and “warm up” his name with voters on the eve of presidential elections. There are other candidates, but their chances of being nominated are much lower,” said a source within the party. Boris Chernyshov is only 31 years old, but he sits in the State Duma for the second convocation and has a very colorful biography.

The possible future candidate for mayor was born in Voronezh, and until the beginning of the 2010s did not betray in himself the beginnings of a future politician at the level of the capital of Russia. But while still a student at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, in 2011 he became an assistant to Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Photo source He reportedly spotted a friendly young man among young party supporters, who then “circled” around the Moscow City Duma. After working as the deputy head of the reception hall of the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party for three years, he joined the State Duma. First, as an assistant to MP Andrei Lugovoi, then as the head of the metropolitan branch of the Liberal Democratic Party. It was in this capacity that in 2016 he led the party list in Moscow in the elections to the State Duma and became its deputy without problems.

Andrey Lugovoi. Source The secret of such a career take-off seems to be just a secret, because the young “Zhirinovets” have still not stood out. He tried to emulate the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and presented brilliant but stupid initiatives in the State Duma.

Among them are the return of the black-yellow-white imperial flag and the anthem “God Save the Tsar!” as official state symbols, the switch to the Julian calendar, the banning of vapes, the introduction of “New Year’s” for pensioners so that they can normally celebrate the holiday. In addition, Chernyshov, together with his ally of the Vasily Vlasov party, proposed to lower the voting age from the current 18 to 16. And also introduce a “motivation letter” when entering universities, in which the candidate must justify why he has applied for this particular educational institution and for this particular specialty.The image was supplemented by Chernyshov’s boasts about knowledge of the Greek language.

Photo of the flag of the Tsar of Moscow, the oldest surviving Russian flag (1693) But during one of the TV interviews it turned out that Chernyshov did not even know the approximate number of lines of the royal anthem, couldn’t say “thank you” in Greek and couldn’t explain in whose honor The calendar is called Julien.

Chernyshov’s attempt to pursue a career in the executive also ended in failure. In 2020, he moved from the lower house to of deputy head of Rosobrnadzor. But something went wrong, and after a year and a half he was again elected to the State Duma. Party sources say a great mind or organizational skills aren’t really the main guarantee of Chernyshov’s success.

“Vladimir Volfovich has always enjoyed getting close to attractive young party members. They quickly became his favorites, and the further they advanced, the younger they were and the faster and higher their careers launched. Chernyshov was the penultimate “favorite”, and Vlasov was the last,” said the interlocutor of “Notepad” in the party.

Vlasov Vasily. Rumor has it that the photo’s source, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, even hinted to party members that it was Chernyshov who could become his successor as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party after his retirement. But it happened differently. Zhirinovsky died of covid in March 2022, and the leadership struggle began in the party. As described by eyewitnesses, three groups formed within the LDPR: Leonid Slutsky, Zhirinovsky’s “old favourites”, among whom were Khabarovsk governor Mikhail Degtyarev and State Duma deputy Yaroslav Nilov, as well as the “young favourites” led by Chernyshov and Vlasov. The race for leadership approval in the presidential administration was won by Slutsky’s team, who did not like Chernyshov or Nilov and Degtyarev very much. And it was mutual.

Leonid Slutsky. Photo source Slutsky’s team slowly began to take the reins of power in the party. Chernyshov lost real levers of influence on internal party decisions, leaving behind only of vice-president of the State Duma, inherited from the living Zhirinovsky. And one of Nilov’s influential associates, Aleksey Didenko, at the beginning of 2023 lost of head of the LDPR apparatus, which Slutsky personally closed.

Didenko Alexei. Source Now the new party leader is working with a team of political technologists, led by former adviser to Vyacheslav Volodin (now State Duma Chairman) Alexei Chadayev. Slutsky plans to run from the party for the presidency of the Russian Federation, as Zhirinovsky regularly did.

Alexei Shadaev. Photo: Vladimir Andreev / URA.RU / TASS The election of the mayor of Moscow for the Liberal Democratic Party has long been a rather disastrous affair. In 2013 and 2018, Mikhail Degtyarev, then a deputy of the State Duma, participated in it from the party. Both times he failed: in 2012 he became second to last, receiving less than 3% of the vote, and in 2018 he became third, having received the support of around 7% of voters. The Liberal Democratic Party is unlikely to do well in September, even if Slutsky comes forward personally and invests serious resources in the campaign.

The fact is that he is associated with Vladimir Resin, the former first deputy of the late ex-mayor of the capital Yuri Luzhkov and the man who was considered the “owner” of the entire construction complex in Moscow. The team of the current mayor Sergei Sobyanin is unlikely to allow such a person to achieve a tangible result. And the conflicts of the Liberal Democratic Party, judging by Slutsky’s last meeting with Vladimir Putin, where the party leader called on everyone to “come together and walk side by side”, are not necessary with anyone.

Author:, CC BY 4.0, “So why not send an unfinished competitor to the Moscow municipal elections for slaughter?”, The party interlocutor asked the Bloknot correspondent ironically.

The only problem in the upcoming elections for Sergei Sobyanin, it seems, could be the sudden absence of any serious contender his team should have invented. After all, in addition to Chernyshov, another deputy of the State Duma will participate in the campaign – Dmitry Gusev from the Socialist Revolutionaries. Who has already started his electoral campaign with a war against a mosque supposedly under construction in the metropolitan area of ​​​​Kosino. And clearly does not expect a serious result.

Dmitry Gusev. Source All of the Sobianin team’s hope for at least some resistance is now in the Communist Party. But there too, they have not yet decided who to appoint for the elections in the capital.

The elections are coming.

Liberal Democratic Party plans to nominate former “favorite” Zhirinovsky for mayor of Moscow

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