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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
News11 million riyals and 150 crimes.. The Saudi Public Prosecution arrests professional...

11 million riyals and 150 crimes.. The Saudi Public Prosecution arrests professional suspects in bank fraud


Transactions that take place through bank cards today occupy a large part of the lifestyle of individuals on the financial level, but the great role of this intermediary – bank cards – has become a source of many cases of theft and fraud, using methods that have become very diverse, aiming to mislead the user and make him believe that he is stealing data and use it illegally.

In the same context, the Saudi Public Prosecution announced, on Monday, that it had started an investigation into a bank fraud case in which the defendants, who are an Arab citizen and resident, seized an estimated amount of $ 3 million through fraud, warning against disclosing bank data to any person or any party without being completely sure. of their credibility.

The prosecution said in a statement that the investigations revealed a fictitious company in the field of technology and software founded by the accused of the fraud.

The prosecution added, in statements reported by local Saudi media, that during " A search of the citizen’s house found chip dispensers with 33 slots, a chip activation device, internet broadcasting devices, broadcast-enhanced devices, a box containing 94 chips, papers and notebooks without personal information, addresses, numbers and symbols.".

During the inspection and technical examination of the devices carried out by the concerned authorities, more than 4 audio recordings of calls made with the victims were found, preserved with the SIM number from which the call was made, and the time and date, according to the prosecution.

Regarding the dimensions of the crime and how to carry it out, the investigation procedures revealed that the citizen communicated with external parties, learned how to use and activate electronic devices and installed communication chips on them, and then enabled those parties to communicate with the victims in their capacity as employees of government agencies and financial institutions, to request the victims’ data Personal or bank, and then seizing their money, according to the Gulf Online Network, bringing the estimate of what was looted by the defendants to more than 11 million riyals, with 150 crimes at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The two defendants were arrested and referred to the competent court, to demand the penalties prescribed in this regard, while the International Cooperation Prosecution began its procedures in tracking the perpetrators and funds outside Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that Saudi law provides for a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding 7 years, and a fine not exceeding 5 million riyals ($1.3 million), or one of these two penalties; Anyone who unlawfully takes possession of the money of others, by committing one (or more) acts that involve the use of any of the fraud methods, including lying, deception, or illusion, according to the network.

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