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Friday, June 2, 2023
News60 days is the maximum closure penalty imposed by the municipality on...

60 days is the maximum closure penalty imposed by the municipality on a restaurant and supermarket.. Find out about the violation


Doha Municipality issued administrative decisions to close two restaurants, a hypermarket and a supermarket, in violation of Law No. 8 of 1990 regarding the regulation of human food control.

According to the Ministry of Municipality on Twitter, it was decided to close – Rajmohl Restaurant in Fereej Abdulaziz for a period of 60 days – Neta Bajar Supermarket in Fereej Abdel Aziz for a period of 60 days – Zain Fisheries Hypermarket in Umm Ghuwailina for a period of 7 days – New Taxi Restaurant in Al Sadd for a period of 7 days

The Ministry of Municipality notes that determining the duration of the closure is up to the discretion of the competent municipal director according to the type and severity of the violation as determined by the law, pointing out that the duration of the closure does not exceed 60 days at a time, and the closures multiply by repeating the violations, indicating that it is not permissible to open the closed shop directly or directly. Activity or maintenance work during the closure period, and violating this will result in criminal liability.

And she stated that to report food violations, please contact the unified call center on phone 184, and to view the list of closed violating food establishments, please enter the Aoun application for phones and smart devices or visit the website via the link:

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