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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsBetter than Messi.. a robot participating in an international football tournament

Better than Messi.. a robot participating in an international football tournament


A soccer-playing robot will compete in an international tournament later this year, experts say "that it" Better than Lionel Messi.

The 4ft 8in robot, named Artemis, can walk and jump, and is among the only three robots around the world with the ability to run, according to the Daily Mail.

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) point to Artemis as the model for "Robot outperforms Messi in football".

Dennis Hong, director of the Robotics and Automation Laboratory, said: "We are very excited to get Artemis out for field testing here at UCLA and see this as an opportunity to promote STEM to a much broader audience.".

The human-sized robot will show off its soccer skills as a competitor at France’s RoboCup23 in July.

Experts recorded Artemis’ march at a record speed of 2.1 m/s during tests and have since taken him for walks around campus as part of the preparation effort.

RoboCup23 will see 2,500 competitors representing 45 countries gather for a number of football-related challenges.

Bots of all sizes can participate in different leagues, with a league "small size" Designed for five-inch robots and a humanoid league for tall people such as children, teens, and adults.

The cup’s inventor, Hiroaki Kitano, suggested nearly 30 years ago that robots would be able to play on the field with humans by 2050.

Artemis’ soccer abilities will be tested more vigorously in the coming weeks as well as his ability to get up off the ground and carry objects.

Hong claims that the robot is "The first of its kind"where he uses technology to make him act as if he has biological muscles "pulsating" Instead of solid parts like other robots.

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