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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaChina grew in power during the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan

China grew in power during the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan


The Arabic television channel Al Jazeera compared the military power of the United States and China. The channel’s material noted that while states were pulverized over Iraq and Afghanistan, China was amassing forces.

Thus, Beijing has confirmed Bush Jr.’s fears, which he had expressed as early as 2000, criticizing Bill Clinton’s position for his idea of ​​a “strategic partnership” with China. Bush noted even then that there can be no cooperation between China and America, since the countries are geopolitical competitors.

In 2001, relations between China and the United States began to deteriorate significantly. On April 1, 2001, an American reconnaissance plane was forced to make an emergency landing in China. The Chinese military carefully examined the device before handing it over to the United States, in parallel, for 11 days, retaining the American crew. This moment could have been the beginning of a foreign political conflict between the countries, but the terrorist attack of September 11 happened.

After the attack on the Twin Towers, the United States directed all its military power towards the fight against terrorism, postponing the challenge of China for 20 years. Now, the competition between Beijing and Washington in the military and economic fields has reached a new level. While the United States has spent $6.4 trillion on two military conflicts, China has strengthened its economic might.

Earlier, the “regional leader” reported that Bundestag MP Nolte called the dialogue between Russia and China the beginning of the end of “Western arrogance” in the world.

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