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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsIn his strongly worded language... Jordan summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest...

In his strongly worded language… Jordan summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest against the use of a map that includes the kingdom’s borders


The Kingdom of Jordan condemned, on Monday evening, "Reckless provocative behaviour" issued by the far-right finance minister "Bezalel Smotrich"after using a map of"Israel" It includes the kingdom and the Palestinian lands, denying the existence of a Palestinian people.

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador in Amman, where he was informed of a strongly worded letter of protest to be conveyed immediately to his government.

In this, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sinan Al-Majali, said in a statement that the Israeli ambassador was summoned "After the Israeli Minister of Finance used, during his participation in an event held in Paris, a map of Israel that includes the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the occupied Palestinian territories". Majali added that the ministry told the ambassador that this "A reckless incitement act, and I informed him that this represents an extremist racist act and a violation of international norms and the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty

Majali also emphasized that the letter condemns those statements " Extreme inflammatory racism" It affirms the brotherly Palestinian people’s right to exist, and its historical rights in its independent, sovereign state on the Palestinian national soil, and warns against "The seriousness of the continuation of these extremist racist actions issued by the same minister who had previously called for the erasure of the Palestinian village of Hawara".

Majali indicated that the ambassador had been informed " The need for his government to take a clear and frank position regarding these extremist behaviors, and the inflammatory and hateful statements rejected by a working minister in the Israeli government.".

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the International Criminal Court to arrest the Israeli Finance Minister, whom it described " b"Hatred, terrorist and racist"stressing that it will ask the court to move immediately to issue arrest warrants against the Israeli minister for violating all laws, and for committing, through his statements, what deserves immediate arrest.

Regarding the statements of the right-wing Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, he said last Sunday in Paris, during the commemoration of the death of the French-Israeli activist close to the Israeli right-wing Jacques Kupfer, that he "There are no Palestinians because there is no Palestinian people"adding: " "After 2,000 years in exile, the people of Israel return home". According to Gulf Online Network.

In turn, Josep Borrell called, on Monday, on the Israeli government to evade the statements of the Minister of Finance, and told reporters in Brussels that Smotrich’s statements "It certainly cannot be overlooked".

added: "I must deplore Minister Smotrich’s unacceptable comments. It is wrong, it is disrespectful, it is dangerous, and it is useless to say such things in an already tense situation".

According to the network, Bezalel Smotrich had previously caused an uproar and international condemnation, following a statement he made in which he stressed the need for "erase" The Palestinian town of Hawara, according to his description.

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