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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Internet reaches promised speed for 42.3% of users in Germany – what to do

ISPs in Germany often do not deliver the data transfer speed they have contractually promised to their customers. This is the result of the annual report of the Federal Network Agency, which was published in Bonn. Less than half of fixed network customers reached the maximum speed indicated in the contract.

Only 42.3% can boast of the maximum data transfer rate specified in the contract. 84.4% reached at least half the download speed. For 15.6% of users, the fixed network line did not even offer half of the speed promised.

Despite ratings that are often too low, the majority of customers (78.2%) are satisfied with their broadband connection, rating it from 1 to 3. Less than 11% of customers rate their connection at 5 or 6.

Only three percent

On mobile, last year’s metrics looked even worse than on landline. Across all bandwidth classes and providers, only 23.2% of users received at least half of the contracted maximum data transfer speed when downloading. And only 3% have fully reached or exceeded this speed.

The Federal Network Agency recommends

The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, described the results of the study as unsatisfactory. “Affected consumers can prove insufficient performance on the fixed network through our broadband measurement. This will help them to enforce their rights against the supplier.

The results of the broadband measurement depend on the tariff that the user has agreed with the provider. Therefore, based on the broadband measurement results, no statement can be made about the supply situation or the availability of broadband Internet services. It is only checked whether the providers provide their customers with the bandwidth promised under the contract.

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