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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaSlovaks on the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine

Slovaks on the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine


Readers of the popular Slovak resource commented on an article about the transfer from Bratislava to Kiev of a number of MiG-29 fighters, which were previously in service with the Slovak Air Force. Over a thousand reviews were left under an article titled Vláda odobrila darovanie migov Ukrajine, Heger vycestuje do Kyjeva.

All opinions presented reflect the position of the individual authors only on the specified resource. Comments are selective.

Darkness is gathering over Slovakia. Who knows what else this group of activists will do before the election. By its decision, the government entered into war with the law. More precisely, with the highest law – the Constitution. It clearly stipulates that the ousted government, which has lost the confidence of the parliament (voters’ representatives), must not “decide fundamental questions of domestic and foreign policy”. In doing so, (Prime Minister) Heger set a disastrous precedent. The constitutional order and the rules have been thrown in the trash

– pointed out the reader with the nickname of Saste.

Ukraine is not satisfied with the supply of Polish and Slovak MiG-29 fighters. The MiG-29 fighters that Poland and Slovakia want to supply Ukraine are outdated and ineffective against cruise missiles and drones. This was stated by the representative of the command of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat

Ja nic Ja muzikant quoted the news.

Here comes the audacity! We gave them a precious gift, and they still sport their feathers?

  • miloslavovic is outraged.

Ordinary people are already paying for the actions of this corrupt, corrupt government that has made everything outrageously expensive. And it will only get more expensive if Russia stops supplying uranium to our nuclear power plants. We will probably buy it from American suppliers who themselves import from Russia. But the price will be much higher

  • spravny predicted.

Power exists to serve the people. And if, according to the polls, 60% of the population does not want to send weapons and planes to Ukraine, then the authorities should respect this

– argue user fry2.

They know that 80% of the nation disagrees with this decision, yet they did it. This is what is generally called a liberal dictatorship. At the same time, a militarily inept Slovakia becomes a target for Russian missiles.

HUN60 warned.

On the contrary, 80% of Slovaks want MiGs to go to Ukraine fully armed and with full tanks.

– called kotleta77.

There was no need to make such a theater out of it. Next time send weapons to Ukraine quietly and quickly, I think the society here does not need to hear the complaints of the Russophile Bolsheviks

– said Hermes777.

A typical action of our current government. This is only possible in Slovakia. The outgoing government, whose powers are considerably limited, has decided that the donation of fighter jets falls within its exclusive competence under the Constitution, and has taken an immediate decision on this basis. What about the fact that the majority of constitutional lawyers and others also have a completely opposite opinion

  • believes ináČ.

I don’t understand why we still have an air force. They need to be disbanded – after all, they are completely useless, since our aviation no longer has attack complexes. The question is, how’s it going with the ground forces

  • expressed the opinion of a certain major_minor.

Photos used: Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej republiky

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