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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs reveals its programs and activities during the holy month of Ramadan


Today, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs revealed the programs and events that it will organize during the holy month of Ramadan, in various regions of the country.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Thani, Director General of the General Department of Endowments, said in a press conference held on this occasion that the activities of the Department during the holy month are characterized by multiplicity and diversity, through which bridges of communication are built with partners in society, in order to achieve the slogan “The endowment is a community partnership”He pointed out that the activities and programs of the General Directorate of Endowments during the holy month are divided into community partnerships, six of which will be announced during the holy month, with the Qatar Diabetes Association, the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, the Comprehensive Empowerment School, the Qatar Autism Society, and the Heart Hospital.

A program for every spring flower. The events will also include the establishment of iftar tables for fasting people, and the Giving Basket project in cooperation with the Center for Preservation of Grace, in addition to educational activities, including councils for hearing the noble hadith of the Prophet, and the Young Speaker Contest, in addition to sponsoring two international competitions for the Holy Qur’an, namely: the Katara Competition for the Holy Qur’an.

It is dedicated to readers, and the “Tiaj Al-Nour” competition is dedicated to children and will be broadcast throughout the holy month on the “J” children’s channel. He also indicated that there will be two qualitative initiatives, namely: launching “Endowment Scouts”, which will be the largest database of endowments, as well as announcing university scholarships in cooperation with the Education Above All Foundation, in addition to sponsoring a number of radio and television programs that will be broadcast during the holy month. , and three competitions through newspapers and social media, and other activities in cooperation with the internal departments of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Kuwari, Assistant Undersecretary for Da`wah and Mosques Affairs at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, said that the department has prepared a group of distinguished Qatari reciters from the imams to participate in Tarawih prayers and qiyaam prayers, and there will be a final prayer at the Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque.

He noted that the ministry cares about mosques, cares for them, and supervises them, and in the blessed month of Ramadan increases work and effort to provide comfort for worshipers, so the ministry works to equip mosques about two months before the holy month, in terms of cleanliness and preparation for mosque maintenance, providing the needs of each mosque and equipping women’s prayer rooms, which will be Open during Ramadan.

For his part, Mr. Saad Omran Al-Kuwari, Director of the Zakat Affairs Department, confirmed that the Zakat Fund plan for the blessed month of Ramadan will include receiving requests and interviewing cases in two periods (morning and evening), whether through the website or attending the Zakat Fund building, in addition to implementing a campaign A marketing ad to urge community members to perform zakat, and to cooperate and coordinate with the Department of Da’wah and Religious Guidance in implementing a set of awareness programs about the third pillar of Islam..noting that during the holy month, the application of the Department of Zakat Affairs will be launched on smart phones, which was recently completed in cooperation with the management of information systems.

For his part, Mr. Malallah Abd al-Rahman al-Jaber, Director of the Department of Call and Religious Guidance, confirmed that the department will organize 950 field activities during the blessed month of Ramadan, including lessons in mosques, seminars and competitions for children and adults, field visits to patients in hospitals, in addition to an intellectual program entitled “Safe them from fear” It will be held in the Al-Hazm Complex, and a curatorial program in cooperation with the Museum of Islamic Art, in addition to cooperation with Qatar TV in the program “Our Religion” that will be presented by the preacher Othman Al-Khamis for 30 episodes, and other advocacy and jurisprudence programs through various media.

Al-Jaber also noted that the administration will publish 300 advocacy materials through the ministry’s accounts and the accounts of “Islam Web” on social networking sites, in addition to 8,000 printed advocacy materials. And he indicated that 62 imams from the students of memorization centers affiliated with the administration have been qualified and assigned to lead Tarawih prayers and coordinate with the mosques administration, including 23 Qatari imams. For his part, Dr. Saleh Ali Al-Akhan, Director of the Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, confirmed that the center will present a number of Ramadan programs and events.

The two programs aim to shed light on the holy month from the perspective of Qatari customs and traditions as an introduction to the values ​​and spirituality that the local community lives in during the holy month. He added that the center will organize a daily breakfast for the new converts, accompanied by preaching sessions in five languages, which are English, Filipino, Tamil, Hindi and Ethiopian, which include introducing the provisions of fasting, and answering the fatwas received from this category in several languages, while the women’s section holds a weekly program to break the fast for the new converts with similar paragraphs.

He also indicated that the Department of Islamic Culture will provide a service of preaching at the tables of the Most Merciful in the Urdu language to reach the Muslim communities in their gathering places, as the preaching also includes an answer to fatwas and behavioral awareness. This program attracts thousands of Urdu-speaking communities through 41 Iftar sites in various regions of the country. The center will also hold a preaching program in mosques in four languages, as the center provides this service in a variety of languages.

In turn, Mr. Mishari Al-Namlan, Head of the Islamic Research Department at the Department of Islamic Research and Studies, said that the Department will organize the Ummah’s Seminar “Cultural incubators.. Mosques as a model”This is a continuation of the series of cultural incubators initiated by the administration in the Ummah’s Symposium, which is held periodically every quarter of the year. Each season, it presents a range of different intellectual and social issues, in which a group of specialized academics and intellectuals participate in presenting research papers that deal in their entirety with the topic of the symposium.

Effective solutions and prospective studies. He added that a group of academics and scholars whose lives and donations were closely linked to the mosque will participate in the symposium. They will talk about the mosque during the Prophet’s era, the presence of the mosque throughout history, the mosque in Qatar, past and present, the civilizing role of the mosque, and the future vision for the mosque.. indicating that the symposium will be held in a hall. The General Administration of Endowments will be held on April 4, after Tarawih prayers.

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