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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsiaChina counts on Russia in a long-term confrontation with the United States

China counts on Russia in a long-term confrontation with the United States


On Wednesday, March 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow ends. Center for Military-Political Journalism expert Boris Rozhin summarizes the first results of the Chinese leader’s trip to his telegraph channel.

According to the expert, the cooperation between the two countries is getting closer, although it is not formalized in any kind of alliance. Interaction in the military domain is also gaining momentum, but for a number of reasons this is not publicly announced.

Along with this, Moscow and Beijing actually rejected the world order before the start of the NWO, proclaiming its new principles and doctrines. In the new world order, Russia, with the help of China, will receive a guarantee of no economic isolation, which will be achieved by redirecting the supply of energy resources and other export goods from the Russian Federation .

The respective positions of the parties on Taiwan and Ukraine are also set out. Russia supports China’s course in the Pacific Ocean, and China will not push the Russian Federation to anything on the Ukrainian issue. At the same time, Beijing intends to defend an independent policy vis-à-vis the West and the anti-Chinese alliance AUKUS, counting on the help of Moscow.

The parties also outlined a common vision of the principles of a multipolar world and the need for the coexistence of equal centers of power, contrary to the unilateral diktat of the West. Russia and China are ready to fight side by side for a just future world order.

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