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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsHow ex-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became a 'liar' and why he...

How ex-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became a ‘liar’ and why he is criticized for ‘lack of modesty’ on ‘patigater’


He will be asked if he knowingly lied to British MPs, which subsequently caused a scandal called “patigate” in Foggy Albion. If the commission discovers that he lied, Boris Johnson risks losing his seat in Parliament, jeopardizing the rest of his political career and his hopes of one day returning to Downing Street.

The former Prime Minister could put his political future on the line when questioned in detail about the parties organized in Downing Street during confinement, notes AFP. The hearing of the parliamentary committee should begin in the afternoon and last between two and four hours. The 58-year-old former head of the Conservative government, forced to resign in July 2022 after a series of scandals, including the Patigate, has already unveiled the defense plans. He cited “his good faith” in a 52-page memorandum released Tuesday, March 21, where he blamed his top advisers.

Johnson said in a December 2021 speech to British MPs that in Downing Street during the pandemic “the rules were followed at all times”. Meanwhile, Downing Street parties during a period of strict lockdown have drawn the ire of Britons, who have condemned the Johnson government’s “intolerable double standards”. Following a police investigation, the then Prime Minister and his wife Carrie were fined in 2022 for attending his birthday party in June 2020.

Current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he was also present at the event and also had to pay a fine. Johnson, meanwhile, is changing “his attitudes.” Hoping to soften the stance of the committee members, the former prime minister said on Tuesday that he “takes full responsibility for everything that happened under his supervision” in Downing Street.
Boris Johnson joked at a party in November 2020, according to testimony from former civil servants, that the event was “virtually disrespectful of social distancing across the UK”. In a preliminary report in early March, the commission said the evidence it had gathered was “convinced” that the anti-COVID breaches “should have been obvious” to Boris Johnson.

“Mr. Johnson’s defense continues to emphasize his lack of shame and humility,” said Catherine de Prudeau, a psychotherapist whose father died early in the pandemic. “The victims of all of this are families like mine who have lost loved ones in the most traumatic of circumstances.” For a British organization which brings together families who have lost loved ones to coronavirus, it is clear that “Boris Johnson deliberately misled Parliament” The group calls his claims that he acted “disgusting” in good faith.

If the inquiry committee concludes Boris Johnson deliberately lied, MPs will vote on what penalties he could face, including dismissal. Any suspension of more than 10 days could trigger a by-election in his constituency, where he would have to defend a narrow majority of 7,210 votes.

Johnson was attacked by many authoritative analysts and publicists at Albion. “Johnson’s belief that his political career is not yet over remains incredibly strong – it’s just the one thing he’s ever really believed in,” wrote Guardian columnist Marina Hyde, calling him a liar and a political clown who, despite the millions received after the resignation for the performances, he dresses as if he bought his clothes in 10 kilogram bags with the inscription “second hand”.
“You know this hearing is really important to him because he even postponed his vacation because of it. Remember that Liz Truss’ resignation last October was the only time in his entire political career that Johnson came home from holidays because of the crisis. And, tellingly, it was a crisis of foreign leadership, and therefore an opportunity for himself. As mayor of London, he continued his journey across America as the riots were raging in his city,” says the author.

Yet despite repeated scandals, Johnson’s supporters continue to claim he was betrayed by fellow Tories and view Wednesday’s hearing as a “witch hunt.”

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