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News"Magic, not an industry." Audiences "VKontakte" about films, serials and the art of cinema

“Magic, not an industry.” Audiences “VKontakte” about films, serials and the art of cinema



The question “What to see?” for a modern person it is much more important than “Who is to blame?” and what to do?”. RTVI selected several popular audiences from VKontakte that will help you get rid of the problem of finding a movie for the evening for a long time.


“A community of people who are not indifferent to the cinema. For us, cinema is magic, not an industry”, say the creators audience . He presents VKontakte with a project of the same name, which specializes in returning to distribution “old and new cult films”, and they are shown in the best Russian cinemas.

Just now, #ARTPOKAZ brought to the big screen the legendary “Heart of a dog”, filmed by Vladimir Bortko from a fantastic story by Mikhail Bulgakov. Next is Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalgia, which will be screened from early April, in honor of its 40th birthday and the birthday of the most iconic director.

In public, you can request the return of your favorite photo for rent – and if other users massively support it, the chances of success will increase significantly. Additionally, community writers post announcements of various movie screenings and themed events, share interesting content such as neural network “creativity” and framework picks.

Movies we haven’t seen yet

“… But you look at it”, the authors of this audience . This is an “author and mass film archive”, that is, films in full version and with translation can be viewed here. So that everyone can browse and choose something to their liking, the creators of the community provide the video with short but vivid annotation and screenshots, and users who have already rated this stream share their impressions in the comments. Often, authors in the audience, talking about a movie or posting it on the stream, ask subscribers if they have watched it, prompting them to discuss whether it is worth watching until the end.

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It’s atmospheric audience , which uses cinema (and not only) to revive past decades – with their trends and style, heroes and anti-heroes, geniuses and brilliant upstarts. The feed is full of nostalgic content: archival footage, comic strips from cult movie footage, “reanimated” news from the past that once caused a stir, but is now seen as something otherworldly. Here, Madonna looks at you from her old CD covers, Brad Pitt lists the rules of Fight Club, Mulder and Scully try not to succumb to their mutual attraction, Vincent and Monica are still together, Bruce is still with Demi, and Johnny is still with Vanessa, and Sigourney Weaver in her underwear plows the space with a red cat in her arms. Of course, the audience also offers up-to-date content – talks about sensational films (for example, the winners of the latest Oscar or new releases), announces interesting releases and simply shows beautiful things.

Movie not recommended

In this audience everything is directed by film critic and director Sultan Usuvaliev. The lion’s share of the content here is “comics” made up of frames with captions, so it turns out to be some sort of collection of movie quotes. Eternal classics mingle with cartoons, arthouse with pop art, well-known films with rarities. You’ll also find helpful announcements of various film-related events, links to interesting long reads on films, and quotes from great cinematographers in the feed.

Cannes film festival

It’s themed audience , which is led by a great enthusiast of his business Vladimir Babenko. As the name suggests, the content posted here is mostly related to the Cannes Film Festival – its past and future programs. What films presented at Cannes have been released, what you can (and should) watch on the web, what critics are raving about and adored by the public, it’s all there, but not only. The feed also contains a lot of information about cinema in general – video versions of lectures on the history of cinema, the latest news on the filming of new projects and the plans of famous directors, announcements of special screenings and, of course , summaries of other film awards (where without an Oscar).

Let’s take a look at the house

Name audience speaks for itself: it is designed for those who like to watch movies in a cozy atmosphere. There’s plenty of related themed content here – behind the scenes of film sets, “photo albums” with famous actors in their best and not-so-successful roles, series picks for fans of specific genres or something a whole lot more sophisticated (e.g., “Movies That Will Make You Doubt Reality”). Basically, the public feed is a regularly updated collection of helpful tips for viewers choosing a movie for home viewing.

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