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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaMajor social projects implemented in Kyrgyzstan with support from Russia Fox News

Major social projects implemented in Kyrgyzstan with support from Russia Fox News


Successful start

One of the most successful projects implemented in Kyrgyzstan is called “Social Contract”. He won in the republic a little over a year ago. The project was born at the end of January 2022 in the evening. The Acting Country Director of the United Nations World Food Program, Ram Saravanamuttu, came to see the Minister of Labour, Social Security and Migration of Kyrgyzstan Kudaibergen Bazarbaev and shared a rather unusual idea: to offer poor citizens living in the villages of the republic to write business plans , and to implement the most successful, give 100,000 som. It was proposed that WFP funds be allocated jointly with the government.
– I liked the proposal, although there was a high probability that people could use the funds for other purposes, – later admitted Kudabergen Bazarbaev. – After all, we know of many cases when citizens take out loans from banks ostensibly for business, but in fact – to organize festive events. Then they repay for a long time, and it’s good if you manage to repay the loan. Otherwise, the banks deprive them of their property. In the case of the “social contract”, a loan in the amount of 100,000 soms is issued without any collateral. Of course, the risk is enormous. So I expressed my concerns to Ram Saravanamutta, but he insisted anyway. Then I called the head of government of the Kyrgyz Republic Akylbek Zhaparov and asked for a meeting. I remember we conferred with him at length, weighed the pros and cons, and yet decided to agree with the WFP representative.

To launch the project in pilot mode, two districts were selected – Zhumgal in Naryn region and Kadamzhai in Batken region.

Chaek Seamstress

Samara Asylbekova “signed” the “social contract” in the village of Chaek, Zhumgalsky district.

“I had a sewing machine,” she told RG’s correspondent. – I sewed for the other villagers on order, but it was an irregular income. The husband worked at a temporary job. He and I wanted to open a sewing workshop, but there was no money to buy machines. The bank did not grant a loan and we would not have mastered it. With the money received under the “Social Contract”, I bought four sewing machines and some fabric. Now we work with my husband and my assistant. We even take orders from Bishkek, from where we now receive models.

According to the head of the department of labor, social protection and migration of the Zhumgal district of the Naryn region, Aida Bekturganova, in 2022, 50 people received 100,000 rubles each, and in 2023, 103 people from Zhumgal are ready to participate in the project.

“To be honest, we didn’t expect such a success,” explained Aida Bekturganova. – It’s a new business, and it was necessary to explain to people that the money is given for specific purposes. In other words, it’s a chance to get out of need. Watching our pioneers, people from other villages began to follow their example. Literally, one of these days we will go to the regional centers where we will evaluate the business plans prepared by local residents.

Company Live

Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov arrived in Kadamzhai district of Batken region to launch the social contract. He personally presented certificates to participants. One of them was given to Zharkynai Orozova.

“We wanted to open our own business for a long time, but there was no money,” Zharkynai Orozova told RG’s correspondent. – The “social contract” became our chance, and I am very happy that we did not miss it. With the money we received, we bought ten dairy cows and a young bull. Then they gave birth. Looking forward to more additions soon.
According to Gulbarchyn Osmonova, head of the department of labour, social protection and migration of the Kadamjay district of the Batken region, the “social contract” has become very popular over the year, especially among young people.

  • This can not but rejoice, because our region has begun to develop, – admitted Gulbarchyn Osmonova. – Some migrants have returned, and others are now trying not to go to work, but to open their own business in their country of origin. The main thing is that a job has appeared that gives many people the opportunity to improve their financial situation.

Bishkek – on the list

The project was so successful that it was decided to extend it to cities. The capital was also among them, where Onolbek Ismankulov took advantage of his luck. A single man raises five children. Some time ago he made money buying and supplying fittings for restoration masters. Then he fell ill and the case had to be cut short. After recovery, there was no money left to resume the previous occupation.

“I was invited to the regional department of social protection and told that if there were good ideas, they could give me funds for development,” recalls Onolbek Ismankulov. – I decided to relaunch my business, and it worked. And now things are much better than last time. There was equity for development.

Mahabat Kamchibekova, a resident of Bishkek, has four children and a disabled husband. There was barely enough money for food. Upon learning of the project, Mahabat drafted a business plan and submitted it to the committee for approval.

  • I offered to open a small workshop for the artistic design of products – mugs, phone stands and much more, as well as for making paintings from various materials and rhinestones, – the woman said. – I remember how worried my family was for me when I went to defend the application and how happy everyone was when it was approved. I have been working for less than a year, my children and my husband help me. There are a lot of orders and we had to hire employees. I’m glad they helped me once, and now I can.

A comment

Kudaibergen Bazarbaev, Minister of Labour, Social Security and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic:

  • Citizens who, with the help of UN GDPR projects, were able to increase their level of well-being began to refuse social benefits. It became more profitable for them to earn their own money. Our experience in Kyrgyzstan was so successful that it impressed international organizations.

In 2023, the country’s government has already allocated more than 1 billion soms for the Social Contract program.


Natural product in the price

The second project aimed at improving the well-being of people, successfully implemented in Kyrgyzstan, which the United Nations World Food Program has recognized as successful and recommended to be launched in other developing countries, is “Food against work”. It began in the republic in 2008. Russia is actively contributing to its implementation. It covered the cost of purchasing and delivering fortified wheat flour and vegetable oil to the republic.
“Our region was one of the first where the project started,” Kyyal Dzhanuzakova, deputy plenipotentiary representative of the president for the Talas region, told the RG correspondent. – Before launching it, we worked a lot with the population, explaining who can participate in the project, what to do. Valentin Stepanovich Vlasov, then Russian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, came to the opening.

Now the project “Products in exchange for work” is implemented in all areas. It is especially popular in villages prone to various natural disasters. People go out voluntarily to restore irrigation networks, build diversion canals, plant trees on mountain slopes, which then protect homes from floods and mudslides.

In 2023, the project will be expanded to include a number of other high mountain regions of the republic.

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