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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaNATO plans to deploy 300,000 troops near Russian borders

NATO plans to deploy 300,000 troops near Russian borders


The North Atlantic Alliance is developing a plan to deploy a group of 300,000 troops near Russia’s borders. This is reported by the publication “Strategic Culture Foundation”.

It is stated that NATO plans to create a layered defense against the Russian Federation. The first echelon will include servicemen from the armies of Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their total number should increase to one hundred thousand people.

Second echelon troops will be deployed in Germany, as well as in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and France. According to the plan of NATO military leaders, these troops should advance within a week to strengthen the northeastern flank of NATO, as well as the southeastern direction.

As for the third echelon, it is planned to deploy it in the countries of Western Europe.

Despite the fact that they only want to conduct a final analysis of this document in July at the NATO summit in Vilnius, experts are already naming its main weak points.

For example, not all the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are ready to increase the share of military spending to 2% of GDP. The main problem is that the document being developed involves finding the required number of aircraft, tanks, ships and ammunition of each participant.

However, due to a sharp increase in the price of energy in Europe, the cost of producing ammunition has risen sharply. And those stocks that were stored in European warehouses have already been transferred to Ukraine. In short, it was smooth on paper, but we forgot the ravines.

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