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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaUS activist Couch: Putin's visit to Mariupol confirms Russia's success in Ukraine

US activist Couch: Putin’s visit to Mariupol confirms Russia’s success in Ukraine



Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s trip to Mariupol, which took place on March 18, once again testifies to the Western countries’ miscalculation of the situation in Ukraine. This opinion was voiced by American public figure Matt Couch.

“Russia is losing so much that Putin is literally walking around Mariupol, which once controlled Kiev,” he ironically noted on his Twitter account.

Couch added that the Western media is trying to convince Americans that Russia has lost its positions and its control over the situation at the front. At the same time, the press promotes the idea that Kiev “is not far from victory”. However, considering the trip of the President of the Russian Federation to Mariupol, “only an idiot would believe this story”, noted the activist.

Putin flew to Mariupol last Saturday by helicopter and, after driving a car, toured the city making stops. He examined a number of objects, assessed the quality of new roads and spoke with local residents.

US Activist Couch: Putin’s visit to Mariupol confirms Russia’s success in Ukraine

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