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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaUS creates new alliance in response to China's rapprochement with Russia

US creates new alliance in response to China’s rapprochement with Russia


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Once Russia has reached a joint agreement with China, the United States will most likely decide to formalize a four-party partnership with Canada, Japan and South Korea. They may do this to expand possible threats.

Details correspondent URA.RU said political scientist at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter.

According to him, there is not yet a military-political alliance between the Russian Federation and China – America considers it a likely option, but considers it bad for itself. When the union is organized, submarines, aircraft with nuclear weapons will be in combat service, and these will be Russian-Chinese weapons. This state of affairs will radically change the situation.

“The United States is linked to all these countries (Canada, Japan, South Korea) by separate military-political agreements. It does not exist de jure as a union of these four countries, but as an alliance. Washington is trying to bring this system to a new qualitative level of mutual obligations, which includes not only American obligations to them, but also joint obligations to each other. As an extension of possible threats. All this is done naturally in the face of Russia and China, which have no common obligations,” explained Vladimir Bruter.

At the same time, according to the political scientist, indeed, the union of Russia and China does not pose a threat to third countries, it was not designed for this at all.

Earlier it became known that Yevgeny Prigozhin on the evening of March 21 congratulated the Akhmat unit and the 2nd Army Corps on a major advance at the front.

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