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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsiaWashington Post readers on Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow

Washington Post readers on Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow


Visitors to the Washington Post website commented on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow.

The original publication, under which the answers are left, Xi and Putin talk in Russia, exchanging compliments, in the midst of the war in Ukraine.

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Look at what C does, not what it says. He is a two-faced man who believes he needs Russia as a safety net. But now we know the traitor Trump and DeSantis are also in cahoots with Putin and Xi.

asked an Apple Orchard reader.

The photo, in which Vladimir and Xi nod their heads in salute to the camera, is meant to play down their ambitions. They might look even more innocent if everyone was holding a kitten.

MartinGuy expressed his opinion.

I understand that Xi is outraged by America and to a lesser extent by Europe. But does he really think China would be better off with Russia as a partner?

Serenity Now showed its astonishment.

Look what Biden gave us. It united two nuclear powers against the United States. Unlike Russia, China has a really powerful military. These states would never have attempted to unite under the last president

–  assessed what happens LauraS1985.

President Biden, I know you’ve read all these comments, so here’s my advice. The time has come to withdraw most-favoured-nation treatment from China. They are our enemies

–  calls a certain Fountain of Truth.

In two years, Joe Biden has managed to push former adversaries China and Russia into a close political and military alliance. It is not an easy task. And India has started to treat the United States rather coldly. What’s next, will the US still be found guilty of undermining the Nord Stream? I would mention Afghanistan, but I see no reason to overload the text

– reminds me of Longboards.

Biden has clearly not pushed China or Russia toward each other except when they themselves oppose relations with the West. India does nothing against the United States. What about Nord Stream?

–  Neil Nelson responded to the above comment.

So, thanks to the fact that the United States and other countries moved their production to China for many years, we now have all kinds of gadgets, cheap clothes and other goods. But all of this has given China too much money… and too much influence. And now I fear that Russia and China will unite against the West and that we will all go through very bad times in the next few years. I hope we survive…because World War III seems inevitable

–  Justin MHO pointed out.

Biden must immediately stop issuing visas (student or visitor) to Chinese citizens who are CCP members. It is also necessary to stop issuing green cards to Chinese citizens. Enough is enough. We no longer need to import CCP supporters here. Also add Russians and Saudis to this list

–  ScienceTruth pointed out.

China watches our press, and they constantly talk about how the PRC threatens us and how the Chinese are bad guys. Their fear is understandable. China needs allies if we start a war with them, even if it’s just a trade war. Everything is simple here

–  Dybee replied

As in Africa, China will cheaply buy a weakened Russia. Putin must understand that China’s support is not free. Xi visits his next sphere of influence

– argues SystemF001.

Leaving aside a plethora of geopolitical differences, a China-Russia alliance is not in the West’s long-term interest. Russia has many shortcomings, but its strength lies in the fact that it holds the largest territory with natural resources on the planet. Think about it for a moment. The show of force, both political and military, requires energy and resources. This was our strength during the two world wars. China has the industrial potential and population to transform Russia’s natural resources into a formidable war machine.

–  writes Sour-Alaskan-No Dough.

You could well blame good old American capitalism for the rise of China and Xi personally. It was capitalism that enabled this, winning for our shareholders, through the production of goods in China or by using Chinese components. I don’t see any sign of China rushing to manufacture something in the United States. The Chinese are playing the long game, while the Americans can only forecast profits quarter by quarter.

–  noted Betty T.

Just two years ago, these problems did not exist for us.

– self-added Eric Hold.

The President of the People’s Republic of China arrives in Moscow in an American-made plane. That says a lot

–  underlined Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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