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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaTrain of reactivated T-55 tanks spotted in Russia

Train of reactivated T-55 tanks spotted in Russia



The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to print Soviet arsenals. In the vastness of Russia, a train with T-55 tanks, which were produced in the middle of the last century, was noticed. Less than a month ago, eyewitnesses captured a train of armored personnel carriers BTR-50P of similar years of production.

The T – 55 is unlikely to reach the front line in the NVO zone. These tanks have almost no chance of resisting Javelins and NLAW. With the benefit of the holster, they can be used as fire support weapons from stationary closed positions. This will allow the new T-90 tanks to be used less intensively as artillery support.

Earlier we already talked about a large transfer of lightly armored multi-purpose tractors MT-LB with installed ship turrets to the NVO zone. Despite their somewhat inconvenient appearance, such machines can be used in front.

In fairness, we note that so far there has been no evidence of the use of MT-LB or BTR-50 in the combat zone. Perhaps they were placed deep in the rear to avoid incidents similar to the raid of the enemy DRG in the Bryansk region. Somehow, the appearance in the second year of the echelon special operation with reactivated equipment from the last century is, to say the least, surprising.

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