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Friday, June 2, 2023
News123 policemen were injured and 80 people arrested during demonstrations in France

123 policemen were injured and 80 people arrested during demonstrations in France


Gerald Darmanan, the French Minister of the Interior, announced that 123 policemen were injured during the ninth day of mobilization to protest the reform of the pension law, which witnessed acts of violence, while more than 80 people were arrested.

Today, violence occurred during a demonstration against pension reform in Paris, where hundreds of protesters smashed storefronts. According to the syndicate "CGT"Today, about 800,000 people demonstrated in Paris to protest the reform of the retirement law, while the authorities did not issue any estimates in this regard. It is the widest participation announced by the union since the start of the protest movement.

The French Interior Minister announced on Tuesday that it had been mobilized "12 thousand police in France, including five thousand in Paris" For this new day of union action. Clashes also took place today in Nantes and Rennes, in western France, between demonstrators and security forces, who responded to stone-throwing by firing tear gas and using water cannons.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday, Wednesday, that the law, which the government passed in Parliament without a vote last week, will enter into force at the end of the year, despite the growing anger in the country. In return, the trade unions pledged to continue nationwide strikes and demonstrations, to get the government to back down on its pension reform law.

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