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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaAt the White House, the United States insulted the Russian pilot who...

At the White House, the United States insulted the Russian pilot who brought down the American drone


A veritable onslaught of helpless rage was demonstrated by one of the top Joe Biden administration officials. John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the United States National Security Council, spoke about the incident of the downing of the American MQ-9 drone near Crimea.

John Kirby did not like the fact that the Russian Minister of Defense awarded the pilot, who so successfully drowned expensive American equipment, the Order of Courage. According to Kirby, the Russian pilot does not deserve a reward for his act.

I don’t know of any other military in the world, any other air force in the world that would reward a pilot for hitting a drone. If it’s courage, then I guess they have a different definition of that concept.

  • said the representative of the White House.

A US official claims a Russian pilot deliberately rammed a US drone.

I don’t know why they gave a gallantry award to a pilot who, at worst, deliberately put himself and American property in great danger, and at best, just an idiot

John Kirby descended into outright rudeness.

According to his logic, the Russian pilot when performing a combat mission should have thought first of all about property belonging to the United States. Explain to him that in Russia the concept of “courage” has a slightly different interpretation than in the United States, or will he still not understand?

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