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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsDivorce on a date: how not to fall into the trap of...

Divorce on a date: how not to fall into the trap of scammers who take money from men


In St. Petersburg, a criminal case was opened against a gang that set up a “business” on false dates. Girls on dating sites pulled hundreds of thousands of rubles out of the pockets of gullible men. The riders were offered to go to a restaurant where the prices were “slightly” inflated. As a result, the “victims” left cosmic sums in the institutions.

This is not the first time that such programs have been implemented in the city. In November, police uncovered the “consumer case” – pleasant-looking girls gave men burnt alcohol and then slipped long bills. A whole network of such bars operated in St. Petersburg.

Now the scammers have moved to the internet. The group caught its “victims” on dating portals and social networks. Seeing the trap, apparently, was not easy – the scammers managed to “earn” more than 800,000 rubles. How to recognize scammers today, “The Eastern Heraldin St. Petersburg” was told by Russian writer Alexander Korol.

According to him, one of the first signs of a scammer is poor quality photos. If it is difficult to distinguish the interlocutor in the images or the image seems to have been downloaded from the Internet, you should be more careful and minimize communication, the expert believes.

“Most often, scammers do not provide links to social networks, do not write descriptions of themselves, and also hide age and geolocation. The more information you can find about that person, for example his place of work or his hobbies, the less likely you are to come across deceivers,” Korol pointed out.

When communicating, you need to ask the interlocutor for a link to one of his social networks. If the page was created recently, it’s probably fake. An account with lots of photos, videos, and tags, on the other hand, should inspire trust.

“Most often, scammers say they don’t have social networks. The same principle applies to dating girls,” the expert noted.

He added that attention should be paid to such contacts. Usually, girls don’t tend to list a personal phone number in their profile.

“If you saw a woman’s page, and in her profile she asks to immediately write to instant messengers, there is a high probability that these are scammers. They do this to gather a clientele “warned the king.

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