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NewsFolk omens for March 25: what not to do on this day

Folk omens for March 25: what not to do on this day


In the Orthodox Church, March 25 marks the day of Saint Theophanes the Confessor – a Byzantine chronicler, monk and theologian. People said, “Theophanes, pierce the crust.” We continued to meet spring that day and observed the natural phenomena in order to understand what the weather would be like in the near future. Horses were treated with special respect.

What you should not do:

You cannot eat anything impure. You can’t argue, argue, hold bad thoughts. You can not have fun, have fun, organize noisy gatherings. You can’t stay in bed, so you have to feed the birds and water the horses at dawn, or you’ll be out of luck.


If it rains, there will be a good harvest of rye. Crows sit on the ground or snow – for warmth. When many mice appear in the spring, this portends a hungry year. Fog turns to rain. Falls – in sunny weather. If the snow on the anthill melts on the north side, the summer will be long, hot, and vice versa. Foxes and hares, moose and wild boar move from their usual habitats to higher habitats – until a heavy flood. At night, mists fall to the ground, driving snow more than rain. Early spring – summer will have a lot of bad weather. There are no dangerous frosts in late spring. Frost and fog on the day of Feofanov rain on Isakiy Zmeevik (June 12). The trees are covered with frost – in rainy June. True spring weather has set in on this day – summer will be rainy. Fog in the morning – flax and hemp will grow well. The horses snort loudly – it’s going to rain. Feed flax seeds to birds – for a good flax harvest. If a horse gets sick on Feofan, it will die or not recover for a long time. But in any case, she will not go on the ground this spring. The woman stepped over the horse’s harness – it will be difficult for the horse to work. The horse in the barn neighs loudly – fortunately. The ice flows, does not melt – to a difficult, unhappy and hungry year.

Name day: Alexander, Vladimir, Grigory, Dmitry, Ivan, Konstantin, Simeon, Sergey, Feofan, Phinehas.

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