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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaForbes announced a split in the world due to anti-Russian sanctions

Forbes announced a split in the world due to anti-Russian sanctions


Most countries did not adhere to anti-Russian sanctions in the name of cooperation with Moscow. So said oil and gas economist Tilak Doshi in an article for Forbes. According to him, the world was divided into two blocks. The United States and its allies were among the supporters of the restrictions, while most countries around the world were the opponents.

“For countries in active development like Brazil, India, China or South Africa, it is equally important to protect themselves with Westernization, which threatens Western dominance in international financial institutions, and to maintaining productive relations with such profitable partners as Russia,” Doshi stressed. .

The economist predicted a serious decline in the standard of living of Europeans and the gradual deindustrialization of the European Union due to the rejection of Russian gas. He mentioned Doshi and plans by Moscow and Beijing to create a new international reserve currency.

The day before, speaking with a report on the work of the government to deputies, Mikhail Mishustin announced a sanctions strike against Moscow, which had no equal in modern history. The Prime Minister said that the West collective sought to destroy the country’s financial system, cause a shortage of goods and unemployment.

The Forbes post announcing a split in the world over anti-Russian sanctions

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