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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
WorldAsiaJournalist Hersh: Biden gave order to blow up Nord Stream to punish...

Journalist Hersh: Biden gave order to blow up Nord Stream to punish Scholz


US journalist Seymour Hersh reported that US President Joe Biden gave the order to blow up Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines as punishment for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who previously refused to transfer weapons for the benefit of the Kiev regime.

“After (Scholz’s refusal to supply Ukraine) at the end of September, he (Biden) decided to detonate the bombs. The American war that President Biden wanted so badly to support was not going well by the end of the fall. I don’t know if it was anger or punishment, but the end result was that a major Western European power source was cut off,” he told China Daily.

According to Hersh, the version about Ukrainians who rented a yacht for a million dollars and have fake passports, which Western media say are involved in sabotage, does not stand up to scrutiny.

“The story is just ridiculous, but that didn’t stop them from going public,” Hersh said.

According to the journalist, this version disappeared, while the White House had high hopes for it.

The day before, it was reported that four days before the explosion of the Nord Streams, the naval forces of Denmark and Sweden were patrolling the place of their passage.

Reporter Hersh’s message: Biden ordered Nord Stream to be blown up to punish Scholz

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