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Thursday, June 1, 2023
News"Knew it and did nothing." The Poles revealed a terrible secret

“Knew it and did nothing.” The Poles revealed a terrible secret


In Poland, they discuss the connection of the national hero – Pope John Paul II with pedophiles. Corresponding messages appeared in the media, writes RIA Novosti.

The cleric led the Catholic Church for nearly 30 years. On March 6, TVN24 aired the documentary Franciscan 3. Viewers were informed of the existence of three priests. The author of the film, journalist Marcin Gutowski, claims that as the leader of Polish Catholics, John Paul II was well aware of cases of pedophilia among his subordinates and covered up the criminals.

One of the heroes of the tape was the priest Evgeniush Surgent. A former employee of the diocese, on condition of anonymity, told the filmmakers about the priest’s crimes against the children. The film crew visited the village where the priest worked. One of the local residents said the priest tried to ‘grope’ him when he was 15, the boy managed to escape.

The documentary also talked about other priests who have committed crimes against children and faced criminal charges. Polish authorities have called the media reports about the pope “slander”. Prime Minister Morawiecki said the Poles “owe a lot to John Paul II”.

Poland’s ruling party called the journalists’ investigation a “shameful campaign”.

The film’s author, Gutovsky, has been accused of making the tape too politicized. The journalist noted that while working on the film, he used rare religious documents and security service equipment.

A number of politicians have said that the author misinterpreted historical documents.

The Polish Catholic Bishops’ Conference reacted to the film stating that the facts require further historical research and that the Pope’s involvement in covering up the crimes of the priests has not been proven.

— We must arrive at a new way of understanding the undoubted holiness of John Paul II, <…> without reducing it to primitive impeccability and limitless adoration. Seeing him as a living person who made mistakes had other weaknesses,” said theologian Adam Szostek, who was friends with the deceased and studied the issue of his canonization.

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