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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldEuropePostponement of the visit of the King of Britain to France due to protests against the law to raise...

Postponement of the visit of the King of Britain to France due to protests against the law to raise the retirement age

Today, the Elysee Palace announced ponement of a visit that was scheduled to be paid by King Charles III, King of the United Kingdom, to France, the day after tomorrow, Sunday, in light of the continuing protests in France. The Elysee Palace said, in a statement, that the decision to postpone the visit "It was taken by the French and British authorities, after a telephone conversation between President Emmanuel Macron and the King of Britain this morning"He added that the king will be received and welcomed in conditions consistent with the friendly relations between the two countries, and the date of the visit will be rescheduled as soon as possible. The announcement of ponement of the visit comes in light of the huge protests that have swept France in the past few days, which culminated yesterday with the exit of more than a million protesters against the law to raise the retirement age in the country, with the outbreak of widespread violence. King Charles was scheduled to visit both Paris and Bordeaux, but the two cities were among the cities that witnessed the most widespread protests on Thursday, the largest since the start of protests against the law that began last January. ponement of the visit comes despite previous assurances from French officials that the visit will take place, and there are no threats to cancel it in the protests.

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